Hiking Trails By State

If you'd rather be outdoors on two legs than two wheels, TrailLink.com is an excellent place to find hiking trails. Rail-trails in particular offer a range of unique opportunities for hikers. Many offer gorgeous scenery since railroads were often built to follow the existing path of rivers, canals, or towpaths, which served as important transportation routes for people and goods. And some former railroad lines carried lumber, zigzagging though heavily forested and challenging terrain, while others offer relatively flat, long-distance journeys through open prairies and farmland.

Are you looking to follow the Appalachian Mountains in the East or the great Rockies of the West? You can use the advanced keyword search on TrailLink.com to find hiking trails that showcase the specific landmarks you want to see. Or, use our hiking trail maps to find one that goes through a national or state park, wildlife preserve, or other protected area that may offer a particularly good bet for an eye-catching natural backdrop.

Before you go, check the description and facts for the hiking trail on TrailLink.com, particularly its surface type and terrain, to make sure it's the right fit for your experience and comfort level. To determine what to bring, the American Hiking Society offers a gear checklist, safety tips, outdoor skill tutorials, and other resources that you may want to explore. You'll definitely want to pack water, and restrooms are marked on our hiking trail maps, so you can also see if you'll need to bring toilet paper!

Savor the trip, but stay courteous; remember that on a hill, people going up generally have the right of way over people going down. And if you meet a fellow traveler on horseback, take care not to startle the horse and note that, unless otherwise posted on the trail, the common right-of-way rule of thumb is for hikers to yield to equestrians.

Lastly, please let others chained to their desks live vicariously through you by posting a review of your experiences on the hiking trail to TrailLink.com, as well as photos of its best viewpoints. We look forward to hearing about your adventure!