Horseback Riding Trails by State

Will Rogers once said, "You know horses are smarter than people. You never heard of a horse going broke betting on people." We'd like to add you'll never go broke betting on our horseback riding trails. In fact, rail-trails make for excellent horseback riding, and many trails on welcome equestrians.

Here you'll find long-distance trails in both remote regions of the West and in populated parts of the East and Midwest. includes horseback riding trails throughout the country, and all of those trails listed on this website are open to other uses, such as hiking and biking. In a few cases you may share the trail with ATVs and snowmobiles.

Some of the trails listed here include an adjacent bridle path with a natural surface purpose-built for hooves. In other places, horseback riding is expressly forbidden, which we note when the information is available. In some cases you may be able to ride horses along a segment of trail in one county but not along the same trail in another county. Even if the trail falls within a single county, different trail segments sometimes have different rules regarding equestrian use. Most horseback riding trail maps will have this information, so be sure to check the links provided with a particular trail (under "Related Links" on the trail description page). Where the trail information seems vague concerning horseback riding, again check the local trail website for details.

You can find out more about horse riding trails by state from the Horse & Mule Trail Guide USA ( or from Horse Rentals online (

Some of the horseback riding trails on provide special parking areas that accommodate horse trailers; some also include hitching areas or will connect to a public or private horseback riding facility. Those facilities will often have the skinny on trail conditions and restrictions for equestrians, so be sure to contact them.

Explore horseback riding trails and horse trail maps on, and use our comprehensive trail guides with descriptions, photos, and reviews to plan your next horseback riding trail adventure. Use our advance search feature to find long trails that are perfect for horseback riding.

And finally, though we strive to provide the most up-to-date information on horseback riding trails, we don't always get it right. If you find any errors on, please let us know by clicking on the "edit this trail" link and providing us with the correct information; include as many details as possible. Help your fellow equestrian trail riders by posting photos and a review noting details that will prove useful for their horseback riding adventure. We look forward to seeing where you and your four-legged pal have been.