Inline Skating Trails by State

Many of the multi-use paths on make excellent inline skating (RollerbladingT) trails. In particular, rail-trails make great inline skating trails perfect for zipping along on skates because typically they follow an even plane and have less than a 3% grade. Surface and trail length, of course, are often the biggest considerations for choosing prime inline skating trails. Here, we note inline skating trails throughout the country, and all of those trails listed on are open to other uses, such as hiking and biking.

On, paths with asphalt or concrete surfaces are usually noted as inline skating trails, although some may be too short for advanced skaters looking for a long glide. In addition, some paved trails may expressly forbid inline skating, so be sure to check the links provided with a particular trail (under "Related Links" on the trail description page). When in doubt, always check with the local trail managers.

All trails listed on are multi-use, so whichever your mode of travel, keep in mind the common right-of-way rules of thumb: inline skaters yield to horses and pedestrians.

Explore inline skating (RollerbladingT) trails on and use our comprehensive trail guides with descriptions, photos, reviews, and maps to plan your next inline skating trail adventure. Use our advance search feature to find long trails that are perfect for inline skating. For more information, check out Skate Log for a list of inline skating trails by state (

One more thing, though we strive to provide the most up-to-date information about inline skating trails, you might find a trail isn't suited to inline skating. If you find any errors on, please let us know by clicking on the "edit this trail" link and letting us know. Include as many details as possible, like where the hills are, or where the surface is too rough. You can also help your fellow inline skating trail users by posting a review of the trail and noting details that will prove useful for their journey. Upload some pictures, too, of you and your pals whooshing along the trail.