Running Trails by State

The thing we like about runners is that they still run for the finish line, even when others have reached it first. The thing you'll like about running trails on is that you can set the start and finish line wherever you want. routes make excellent running trails for serious runners and casual joggers, alike. Rail-trails in particular are great for post-work exercise or even marathon training. In fact, many competitive runs-from your 5K to your 26.2-miler-are held on rail-trails all across the country. This website lists thousands of those running paths across all 50 states.

Most trails on make suitable running routes, but a few have surfaces that might be too rough (e.g., heavy ballast). If you prefer a more natural trail surface, such as dirt, grass, or cinder, use our advance search feature to find running trails that suit your needs and tastes. In addition to preferred surfaces, you'll find everything from short, medium, and long running routes and from easy, moderate, and sometimes more challenging running trails that have hills. Also included are some fitness trails purpose-built to engage communities in staying healthy.

Running trails and running route maps listed on pass through a variety of landscapes, including nature paths through city and county parks; urban passages that provide safe access across town; scenic trails with historical significance; and remotely located running paths through forests and open rural stretches, or among lakes and mountainous regions.

When choosing the right running route for you, consider the trail's surface, length, and distance between amenities, such as water fountains, bathrooms, or shelters. On those longer running trails, bring a friend to share the experience.

All trails listed on are multi-use, so whichever your mode of travel, keep in mind that runners should yield to pedestrians and horses. Explore running trails and running route maps on and use our comprehensive trail guides with descriptions, photos, and reviews to plan your next trail run. You can also find routes that we might not have on USA Track & Field ( and from the American Trail Running Association ( Runner's World also features a trail of the month ( 

And one more thing, we try to provide the most up-to-date information on running trails, but sometimes trails change. We invite you to update paths on by clicking on the "edit this trail" link; include as many details as possible. Also, you can help your fellow runners by posting a review of the trail and noting details that will prove useful for their run. Let us see where you've been by taking some shots of the trail with your cell phone (you do run with one for emergencies, don't you?) and posting them directly to the trail description page.