Snowmobiling Trails by State

You don't just shovel it, you ride it! And what better way to reach those remote oases in winter than by snowmobile? Some trails are listed as snowmobile trails. You'll find most of these snowmobile trails in states where substantial snowfall is generally commonplace, such as Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Maine, and Illinois. Long-distance routes in more remote regions-and a few in more populated parts of the East and Midwest-make superb snowmobile trails but routes are open only the snow reaches a certain depth. You can find out about snowmobile trail conditions across the country on (

Allowing motorized use on trails is at the discretion of individual trail managers, so if you like to travel by snowmobile, it's important to respect non-motorized trail users. Yield to all other trail users and be considerate of noise levels in residential areas. Also be aware of trail conditions to avoid damaging the trail from snowmobile use. You can find snowmobile trail reports on local websites. Help keep snowmobile trails open by maintaining the trail year-round.

Some routes listed on are snowmobile trails in certain segments only. For example, the Cook County portion of the Illinois & Michigan Canal Trail in Illinois prohibits snowmobiles, but segments in neighboring counties are used as a snowmobile trail. Most snowmobile trail reports and maps will have this information, so be sure to check the links provided with a particular trail (under "Related Links" on the trail description page).

All trails listed on are multi-use, so whichever your mode of travel, keep in mind the common right-of-way rules of thumb: motorized vehicles yield to all other trail users.

Explore snowmobile trails and snowmobile trail maps on, and use our trail guides with descriptions, photos, and reviews to plan your next snowmobile trail adventure. Use our advance search feature to find long trails that are perfect for snowmobiling. SnowTracks ( also has information on snowmobile trailsĀ  in the US and Canada.

At, we strive to provide the most up-to-date information on snowmobile trails. But we don't always get it right, so let us know when find any errors by clicking on the "edit this trail" link. Then give us the updated information with as many details as possible. Also, you can help your fellow snowmobilers by posting a review of a trail and noting details that will prove useful for their snowmobile trail adventure. Post some photos, too, so your friends know that snow isn't just for shoveling.