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Hillsboro, Oregon Trails and Maps

Looking for the best trails around Hillsboro, Oregon? Find the top rated trails in Hillsboro, whether you're looking an easy walking path or a long bike trail, you'll find what you're looking for. Click on a trail below to find trail descriptions, trail maps, photos, and reviews.
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Banks-Vernonia State Trail

22.7 miles
The Banks-Vernonia State Trail stretches through the hills (east of the Coast Mountains) between its two namesake towns. The former railroad corridor—once part of the Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway—hauled timber from mills in Vernonia and ...

Brookwood Parkway Trail

1.8 miles
Brookwood Parkway Trail, in a northwestern suburb of Portland, skirts the Hillsboro airport and provides access to the Hillsboro Public Library and the sprawling campuses of a few large corporations. Although the paved trail parallels its namesake ...

Burnt Bridge Creek Trail

7.7 miles
The scenic Burnt Bridge Creek Trail meanders through Vancouver, Washington, along the creek from Stewart Glen on the shores of Vancouver Lake to Meadowbrook Marsh. Along the way, the trail passes through forests, grasslands and city neighborhoods, ...

Cazadero Trail

4.4 miles
Cazadero Trail is currently completed in two disconnected segments that total just over 4 miles in the southeastern outskirts of Portland. In the future, the rail-trail is planned to stretch farther southeast, running through Eagle Creek and ...

Chelatchie Prairie Railroad Trail

0.9 miles
The Chelatchie Prairie Railroad Trail—also known as the Chelatchie Prairie Rail-with-Trail—is currently open from Battle Ground Lake State Park to a point nearly 1 mile southwest. The paved trail runs next to the Clark County-owned Chelatchie ...

Chelatchie Prairie Railroad Trail Extension

32.1 miles
From Chelatchie Prairie Rail-with-Trail Corridor Study: The Chelatchie Prairie Rail-with-Trail (RWT) is envisioned as a 33-mile multi-use trail within the railroad right-of-way where possible. In some areas the trail alignment will use existing ...

Columbia River Dike Trail

1.3 miles
The Columbia River Dike Trail—also known as the Captain William Clark Park Trail and the Cottonwood Beach Trail—follows the Columbia River from Steamboat Landing Park to the border of the Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Along the ...
Crushed Stone

Columbia Slough Trail

4.3 miles
The Columbia Slough Trail follows its namesake waterway on the northern end of Portland. Although there are currently gaps in the trail, it will one day follow the entire length of the narrow 19-mile stream. When completed, the trail will be ...

Council Creek Regional Trail

15 miles
The 15-mile Council Creek Regional Trail will link several communities in the Portland metropolitan area. In Hillsboro, the trail will begin at the end of the MAX Blue Line, a light rail commuter route. From Hillsboro through Cornelius to Forest ...

Coweeman River Trail

4 miles
The Coweeman River Trail follows the dike on the west side of the river for 4 miles, giving access to the riverfront and Tam O'Shanter Park. The setting on the northern section is residential, and the trail crosses under Interstate 5 several ...

Cowlitz River Trail

2.5 miles
The Cowlitz River Trail follows its namesake river along a dike on the east bank. The trail is asphalt and connects Kelso residents with the riverfront. The trail parallels the active BNSF line that carries Amtrak and much of the north-south ...

Crown Zellerbach Trail

25.8 miles
The Crown Zellerbach Trail, known locally as the CZ Trail, follows a former logging railroad through quiet and picturesque forests in northwest Oregon. Its east end begins at Multnomah Channel and, from there, the trail continues for 25 miles ...

Edgewater Trail

1.3 miles
Start the Edgewater Trail on Water Street at the north end of Riverfront Park. The 23-acre park is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon and enjoy river views. It has two unique features: a carousel with dozens of hand-carved and hand-painted ...

Fanno Creek Greenway Trail

10.5 miles
When complete, the Fanno Creek Greenway will be a 15-mile paved network of fully accessible urban trails, linking two counties and five cities: Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, Durham, and southwest Portland. As of autumn 2011, about half of the ...

Frenchman's Bar Trail

3.9 miles
Frenchman's Bar Trail could not be in a prettier place nestled between the Columbia River and Vancouver Lake on the northwestern outskirts of Vancouver. The paved trail of nearly 4 miles loops around the southern half of Shillapoo Wildlife Recreation ...

Gresham Fairview Trail

3.3 miles
The Gresham Fairview Trail is a north–south corridor that will one day link Portland's 40-Mile Loop Trail (Marine Drive section) with the Springwater Trail's section through Gresham. As of spring 2012, the trail runs for a little more than 3 ...

Highway 26 Bike Path

2.3 miles
The Highway 26 Bike Path is a paved commuter route in west Portland that parallels its namesake roadway (also known as Sunset Highway). A small segment is located in a busy shopping area of the Tanasbourne neighborhood. Further southeast, ...

Highway 500 Trail

0.8 miles
The paved Highway 500 Trail runs just shy of a mile between Andresen Road and Thurston Way on Vancouver's west side through a busy stretch of car dealerships, shops and restaurants.

Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail

13.4 miles
The Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail is an innovative road-to-trail conversion constructed on portions of the Historic Columbia River Highway. The trail is considered to be from milepoint 14.22 at the Sandy River Bridge near Troutdale ...

I-205 Multi-Use Path

18.5 miles
The I-205 Multi-Use Path spans 18.5 miles through five cities and 15 neighborhoods along Interstate 205 and the TriMet MAX Green Line light rail service. In addition, it joins with the 21.5-mile Springwater Corridor, making it an important commuting ...

I-84 Bike Path

4.9 miles
The I-84 Bike Path begins at the I-84 intersection with Fairview Parkway and continues west along the interstate for nearly 5 miles. A fence and concrete barrier separate trail-goers from traffic. Although not scenic, the bike path offers an ...

Lacamas Heritage Trail

3.5 miles
The Lacamas Heritage Trail parallels Lacamas Creek and the western shore of Lacamas Lake under a canopy of old growth forest. Along this scenic gravel pathway, trail-goers can catch glimpses of the abundant wildlife in the area and enjoy views ...

Logging Road Trail

3.5 miles
The Logging Road Trail runs along the eastern outskirts of Canby, about 20 miles south of Portland. The road was once used by logging trucks, but is now closed to vehicular traffic. Views along the paved trail's southern end are a mix of ...

Lombard Street Path

1.8 miles
The Lombard Street Path stretches nearly 2 miles through an industrial area of northern Portland. At the southern end of Kelley Point Park, the path makes two important connections: It meets the Columbia Slough Trail, which will one day parallel ...

Marine Drive Trail

17.6 miles
Marine Drive Trail follows its namesake roadway along the south shore of the Columbia River. You'll often find you're just feet from the river and can enjoy lovely views of the water, boats and marinas along the way. The trail is wide, flat ...

Minto-Brown Island Park Paved Path

11 miles
Minto-Brown Island Park offers a well-loved, natural oasis in western Salem. Spanning more than a thousand acres, the park offers both wooded and open areas for recreational enjoyment. A winding paved pathway stretches end to end, allowing walkers, ...

Padden Parkway Trail

5.3 miles
The Padden Parkway Trail provides a paved, 5-mile route across northeastern Vancouver, connecting neighborhoods and shopping areas. Trail-goers are separated from the busy four-lane roadway by a wide, well-manicured median. On its western end, ...

Peninsula Crossing Trail

5.1 miles
As its name implies, the Peninsula Crossing Trail cuts through a peninsula between the Willamette and Columbia Rivers in northern Portland. The tree-lined trail traverses urban neighborhoods and features public artwork. Its southern tip approaches ...

Riverfront Trail (OR)

1.1 miles
Salem's Riverfront Trail begins in Riverfront Park on the east bank of the Willamette River. The park offers expansive views of the river and contains two unique features: a carousel with beautiful hand-carved horses and a public art piece called ...

Rock Creek Trail (OR)

1.6 miles
The Rock Creek Trail provides an important commuting route and natural escape in one of Oregon's largest cities: Hillsboro, located in the "Silicon Forest," a high-tech corridor on Portland's western side. The trail runs through a scenic greenway ...

Salmon Creek Greenway Trail

3 miles
Salmon Creek Greenway Trail offers a scenic natural getaway in northern Vancouver. The paved, tree-lined trail winds along the creek and through wetlands for 3 miles, offering access to Salmon Creek Park and Klineline Pond on its eastern end. ...

Salmonberry Trail

86 miles
The Salmonberry Corridor Rail-Trail is a promising project under development that will span 86 miles from the outskirts of Portland to the Pacific Ocean. The trail is named for one of its most scenic sections, which runs along the Salmonberry ...

Springwater Corridor

21.5 miles
The Springwater Corridor comprises the southeast segment of the 40-Mile Loop regional trail system encircling the greater Portland area. The origins of the Loop come from a 1904 proposal by visionary landscape architects, the Olmsted brothers, ...

Sullivan's Gulch Trail

4.3 miles
Sullivan's Gulch is a project trail still in the early stages of development. Envisioned is a 4.3 to 5 mile long east-west corridor, connecting Portland to its outlying neighborhoods. The plans currently call for a rail-with-trail that will ...

Terwilliger Trail

5.9 miles
Terwilliger Trail offers a beautiful, paved route from southern Portland to Lake Oswego in two disconnected segments. Most of the trail corridor runs through Multnomah County; its southern tip lies in Clackamas County. The trail begins in ...

Tilikum Crossing

0.6 miles
Tilikum Crossing, also known as the Bridge of the People, spans 1,720 feet across the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. The bridge was designed primarily for the MAX Orange Line light rail, but also serves pedestrians and bicyclists in a ...

Trolley Trail (OR)

6 miles
The Trolley Trail follows the Portland Traction Company's Oregon City Line streetcar right-of-way, serving Portland’s metro area, that ran between Milwaukie and Gladstone from 1893 until 1968. Currently, 6 miles of the trail are complete. ...

Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade

1.7 miles
The Eastbank Esplanade traces Portland's Willamette River from the Steel Bridge on the north end to SE Caruthers Street on the south end. The trail is named for former Portland mayor Vera Katz, who supported the construction of the esplanade. ...

Waterfront Bike Path

1.5 miles
The Waterfront Bike Path follows the Willamette River in downtown Portland from the Marquam Bridge north to the Steel Bridge. Although short, the trail offers scenic views of the city skyline and waterway. Along the way, it passes through Tom ...

Westside Trail

8.1 miles
The developing Westside Trail in Portland's western suburbs will be a 25-mile paved, multi-use path between the Willamette River to the north and the Tualatin River to the south. Currently, 8 miles are complete with much of the route transversing ...