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Manteca, California Trails and Maps

Looking for the best trails around Manteca, California? Find the top rated trails in Manteca, whether you're looking an easy walking path or a long bike trail, you'll find what you're looking for. Click on a trail below to find trail descriptions, trail maps, photos, and reviews.
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Alum Rock Park Trail

2.4 miles
Nestled between Alum Rock Canyon and the Mt. Diablo foothills, Alum Rock Park west of San Jose is California's oldest city park. From the early to mid-1900s it was a popular resort and spa, complete with an indoor swimming pool, mineral baths ...

Arroyo Mocho Trail

12.9 miles
The Arroyo Mocho Trail is a part of a network of multi-use trails in Livermore and which also links with the city of Pleasanton. The trail provides access to neighborhoods, schools, numerous parks, the business district and municipal facilities. ...

Barberry Walkway

0.5 miles
The Barberry Walkway runs parallel to Barberry Lane between Corda Drive near Meadowfair Park and Dina Lane. There are plans to extend the walkway along the outskirts of the park to Quimby Road.

Black Diamond Railroad Trail

0.8 miles
The Black Diamond Railroad Trail is within the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, a splendid place to visit with a fascinating and unique history. From the 1850s to the early 1900s, the region was the site of the largest coal mining operation ...

Calaveras River Bike Path

6.71 miles
Riding alongside one of Stockton's levees, the Calaveras River Bike Trail services many communities and neighborhoods. This east-west corridor provides easy access to many educational institutions including local neighborhood schools, Stagg ...

Central California Traction Line

27.5 miles
From Central Valley Rails to Trails Foundation website: The proposed trail will provide a safe location for hiking, biking, and equestrian travel, and will provide access to numerous planned and existing trails and parks in both Sacramento ...

Contra Costa Canal Trail

13.8 miles
The Contra Costa Canal Trail forms a horseshoe shape route, traversing through the urban and neighborhood landscape of Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek and Concord. The trail follows the canal of the same name, passing through several parks ...

Coyote Creek Trail (San Jose)

22.1 miles
For most of its length, the scenic Coyote Creek Trail meanders along its namesake creek south of the city of San Jose. South of Metcalf Road, an equestrian trail parallels the paved trail. A smaller northern section (2.3 miles) near Milpitas ...
Crushed Stone

Delta Meadows River Park

1 miles
NOTE: Delta Meadows River Park is closed. For more information visit the California State Parks website.

Delta de Anza Regional Trail

15 miles
The Delta de Anza Regional Trail is 15 miles long, running between Willow Pass Road at Route 4 near Concord and Main Street (Rt. 4) at E. Cypress Road in Oakley. The eastern end in Oakley intersects Marsh Creek Trail. The trail also intersects ...

Dry Creek Trail (CA)

6 miles
This is a paved pathway with a couple of foot bridges and roadway underpasses. You will see many people walking, running, skating, and biking; many people are accompanied by their dogs on leash. At the western end the trail ends near downtown ...

East Bay Greenway

12 miles
The East Bay Greenway is a proposed 12-mile long, $30-35 million rail-with-trail project that will service Oakland, San Leandro, Alameda County and Hayward. This project will partially be funded by a $10.2 million TIGER II federal grant, awarded ...

East Bay MUD Right of Way

5.5 miles
This right of way spans five and a half miles along an east-west transect in the north part of Stockton. It grants bikers and pedestrians a right of way along the full length of the pass. At this time, there are gaps in the project that have ...

Evergreen Creek Trail

1.2 miles
The Evergreen Creek Trail follows its namesake creek between San Felipe Road and Yerba Buena Road. To the north of the gravel trail is suburbia (with a row of trees separating the trail from the houses; to the south is open space, a.k.a. Montgomery ...

Folsom South Canal

14 miles
Folsom South Canal provides a useful connection from southeast Sacramento County to the American River Bike Trail. The canal was constructed in the 1970s as a part of the Central Valley Project and is operated by the Bureau of Reclamation. The ...

Fremont UPRR Trail

9 miles
The partially abandoned UP tracks through Fremont offer an outstanding opportunity for an urban trail that has multiple connections to other planned and completed trails and the on street bike network. The extension of BART into the area also ...

Guadalupe River Trail

11 miles
The northern segment of the Guadalupe River Trail runs from the Bay in Alviso beneath most roadways, including under SR 237, US Highway 101 and I-880, as it makes its way past San Jose Airport, past the Shark Tank (San Jose Pavilion) and through ...

Hetch-Hetchy Trail

3 miles
The Hetch-Hetchy Trail is a 2.8 mile Class 1 Trail on the approximately 100 foot wide right-a-way of the Hetch-Hetchy water pipeline, which is operated by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, extends diagonally east-west through the ...

Highway 237 Bikeway

5 miles
The Highway 237 Bikeway parallels State Route 237 between McCarthy Boulevard in Milpitas to the San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail in Santa Clara. The trail runs in two main segments on the south side of Highway 237: (1) between McCarthy Blvd and ...

Highway 87 Bikeway

4.1 miles
The Highway 87 Bikeway follows Route 87 between Willow Street in the north and Santa Teresa Boulevard at W. Valley Freeway (Route 85) in the south. Basically, the trail forms the missing link between the two segments of the Guadelupe River Trail. ...

Iron Horse Regional Trail

27.2 miles
The area surrounding the Iron Horse Regional Trail has an important history as part of the San Ramon Valley's agricultural and ranching past. Today, the Iron Horse Trail connects two counties and twelve cities. It runs through quiet residential ...

Isabel Avenue Trail

3.2 miles
The Isabel Avenue Trail provides a N-S corridor on the western boundary of the city of Livermore. This trail primarily services adjacent neighborhoods on the eastern side of the Isabel Ave/Kitty Hawk Drive. This trail also connects to the Arroyo ...

Lafayette/Moraga Regional Trail

7.6 miles
The Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail, a 7.65-mile linear park, parallels St. Mary's Road through Lafayette and Moraga. It is intended for hiking, bicycling, and equestrian use. Coursing through the Moraga Valley, connecting Las Trampas Ridge ...

Laguna Creek Parkway

7 miles
The Laguna Creek Parkway contains a variety of paved and dirt trails along the flood control features of Laguna and Elk Grove Creeks. There are several segments of paths, with the longest unbroken section about 2.25 miles long. That segment ...

Los Gatos Creek Trail

11.2 miles
It is difficult to travel through suburban Santa Clara County for more than a few minutes without noticing an abundance of cyclists and runners in the area. If you are strolling to downtown Los Gatos, chances are that the biker whizzing by you ...

Lower Silver Creek Trail (North)

1.05 miles
Lower Silver Creek Trail, North, runs in a nearly straight line between Ocala Avenue and Abed Court. Between Foxdale Drive and Logsden Way there's a short (about 0.25) on-street connection. There are plans to extend the trail south from Ocala ...

Lower Silver Creek Trail (Umbarger Walkway)

0.6 miles
The Lower Silver Creek Trail is also known as the Umbarger Walkway, which parallels Umbarger Road for just over a half mile between Plumas Drive and Tuers Road in a narrow strip of greenspace surrounded by suburbia.

Manteca Tidewater Bikeway

3.4 miles
The Manteca Tidewater Bikeway is a multiuse trail running north to south through the city of Manteca, California. The flat, asphalt corridor is up to 100 feet wide in places and is popular with bikers, inline skaters and walkers. There is also ...

Marsh Creek Trail

8.5 miles
Marsh Creek Trail follows the sinuous course of Marsh Creek through the outskirts of suburbia and among the rich farmland of Contra Costa County. The 8.5-mile paved extends between Concord Road in Brentwood and Big Break Lake, where the trail ...

Modesto Virginia Corridor (Open segment)

1.75 miles
The Modesto Virginia Corridor represents the transformation of the Tidewater Southern rail corridor into a premier linear park, trail and recreational gathering place. The currently open segment of the Modesto Virginia Corridor (1.75 miles) ...

Modesto Virginia Corridor (Project Overview)

3.95 miles
From the City of Modesto Web site: Phase III of the Virginia Corridor Trailway project is currently under construction. This phase of the trail begins at College Avenue, north to Roseburg; and from Orangeburg to Granger Avenue. This will ...

Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail (project overview)

300 miles
From www.mc2ct.org: The Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail (MCCT) will be a scenic, 300-mile non-motorized, multi-use trail extending from the Pacific Ocean near San Francisco Bay to the crest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Users, including hikers, ...

Montgomery Hill Trail

0.4 miles
The Montgomery Hill Trail is a short dirt trail traversing Montgomery Hill Park, an undeveloped green space in San Jose. The trail offers nice views of the surrounding area and links Yerba Buena Creek Trail with Evergreen Creek Trail.

PG&E Greenbelt

1.5 miles
This path dissects Weston Ranch diagonally in between French Camp Road and the San Joaquin River. It ends on the opposite side of Van Buskirk Municipal Park along the banks of the river. Due to its location in a residential neighborhood, there ...

Penitencia Creek Trail

2.8 miles
The Penitencia Creek Trail follows its namesake creek through a suburban greenbelt in northeast San José. On the northeastern end, the trail passes by a series of percolation ponds, and you can take a side trip along dirt paths around them. ...

Quarry Lakes Recreational Area

5.38 miles
Quarry Lakes Recreational Area provides users with a wide variety of recreational activities. In addition to its several miles of biking and walking paths, the park also features boating, swimming, fishing, picnicking and beach sports. Dog walkers ...

Sabercat Creek Trail

2 miles
The Sabercat Creek Trail can be found along its tree-lined namesake waterway in the Mission San Jose community of Fremont, a coastal California city off the San Francisco Bay. The 2-mile paved pathway runs through a former archaeological dig ...

San Francisco Bay Trail (Coyote Hills, Alameda Creek, Fremont)

25.5 miles
Part of the Fremont section of the San Francisco Bay Trail (SFBT) runs inland along city streets through neighborhoods and industrial areas without much of a view of the bay. The exception is a small segment along Fremont Boulevard in Fremont—Coyote ...

San Francisco Bay Trail (East Palo Alto to San Jose)

22.5 miles
The East Palo Alto to San Jose section of the San Francisco Bay Trail (SFBT) begins at the Ravenswood Open Space Preserve and meanders through the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve and the Lucy Evans Nature Interpretive Center. From here the ...

San Francisco Bay Trail (Pinole, Hercules) Extension

1.5 miles
This project will connect the three isolated segments of trail that are already complete in the area to form a continuous trail along the Bay alongside the active UP and Amtrak rail lines. The project to connect the Pinole Shores to Bayfront ...

San Joaquin River Trail

2.7 miles
This trail along the San Joaquin River and French Camp levees gives access to the riparian areas south of Stockton from the Weston Ranch neighborhoods. It connects to the PG&E Greenbelt for a potential loop. There is limited access to the trail ...

San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail

5.1 miles
San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail, a spur off the larger San Francisco Bay Trail, offers a paved route running 5 miles from Santa Clara to the small community of Alviso on the southern end of the San Francisco Bay. At its north end, a connecting ...

Silver Creek Valley Trail

4 miles
Silver Creek Valley Trail follows its namesake creek and paralleling Silver Creek Valley Road. The passes through a country club neighborhood and through open space over a steep hill. The trail offers nice views of the creek and hillsides, branching ...

Three Creeks Trail

3 miles
The Three Creeks Trail will provide a critical link between the Los Gatos Creek Trail, Guadalupe River Trail, and Coyote Creek Trail through urban San Jose. The City is currently purchasing the western portion of the corridor which will connect ...

Tuolumne River Trail

2 miles

Upper Silver Creek Trail

0.9 miles
The Upper Silver Creek Trail courses through Silver Creek Linear Park, offering a nice play area and picnicking at the southern end and tennis courts and a basketball court at the northern end. Although the trail is short, it heads up hill from ...

Yerba Buena Creek Trail

0.7 miles
The Yerba Buena Creek Trail follows its namesake creek through Evergreen Park behind the community center, paralleling Yerba Buena Road and Park Estates Way.