Price, Utah (UT) Trails & Maps

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  • Bonneville Shoreline Trail (project overview)

    State: UT
    Length: 280 miles

    From the Trail Website: The Bonneville Shoreline Trail is a ninety-mile long pedestrian and bicycle path that is being built across the foothills of the Wasatch Range along a route that follows the eastern shoreline of ancient Lake Bonneville. This ...
  • Slickrock Bike Trail

    State: UT
    Length: 12 miles
    Surface: Dirt, Gravel, Sand

    Moab, Utah, is the center of the universe for mountain bikers. The draw: "petrified" sand dunes, which are actually a geological feature referred to as Navajo Sandstone. Early settlers to the area used the term "slickrock" for the hardened sand ...
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