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Scraper, Oklahoma Trails and Maps

Looking for the best trails around Scraper, Oklahoma? Find the top rated trails in Scraper, whether you're looking an easy walking path or a long bike trail, you'll find what you're looking for. Click on a trail below to find trail descriptions, trail maps, photos, and reviews.
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Bella Vista Lake Trail

1.75 miles
The Bella Vista Lake Trail forms a loop around Bella Vista Lake in the park of the same name, located along Bentonville's northern edge. Along with this popular paved fitness trail, the park contains a playground, disc golf course and picnic ...

Bellview Trail

0.4 miles
The Bellview Trail runs for less than half a mile along the southern edge of the Greens on Blossom Way, a large golf course and apartment community. Although short, the trail is a key connector between the much longer Mercy Trail, Mountie Trail ...

Centennial Trail (OK)

7.5 miles
Muskogee's Centennial Trail cuts a sideways U-shape, hugging the west end of the city and comprising three sections, seamlessly connected. Centennial North runs for 3.5 miles between N. 40th Street (across from Solara Hospital) and N. Main ...

Claremore Lake Trail

1.1 miles
The Claremore Lake Trail is a short multi-use trail that runs along the west side of Claremore Lake, in the City of Claremore not far from Tulsa. Beginning just north of E. Blue Starr Dr., the trail extends north to the intersection of E. Lowry ...

Clear Creek Trail (AR)

1.6 miles
One of the newest additions to Fayetteville's growing trail system, the Clear Creek Trail links two of the city's most popular trails: the Scull Creek Trail in the west and the Lake Fayetteville Trail in the east. As its name suggests, the trail ...

Crystal Bridges Trail

1 miles
The Crystal Bridges Trail runs along the western edge of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, which features a striking design, extensive collection and free admission. The museum was borne out of Alice Walton's prolific collection, and ...

Frisco Trail

1.7 miles
The Frisco Trail connects the vibrant entertainment center of Fayetteville on Dickson Street with newer development on the south side of Fayetteville. Dickson Street includes numerous restaurants, some of which are trailside; the Walton Arts ...

Horsebarn Trail

1.8 miles
The Horsebarn Trail runs on the western side of Rogers, linking housing complexes and businesses in the community's newer Metropark development with Bentonville to the north. Horsebarn Park, situated along a branch of Osage Creek, is undoubtedly ...

Lake Fayetteville Trail

5.5 miles
The Lake Fayetteville Trail, one of the most popular multi-use paths in Fayetteville's extensive network, encircles the nearly 200-acre lake at the center of Lake Fayetteville Park. Built in 1949 as a vital source of drinking water, the lake ...

Meadow Valley Trail

2.4 miles
The Meadow Valley Trail is one of the more recent additions to Fayetteville’s extensive trail network, and was the direct result of strong local demand for a trail connection from downtown to the neighborhoods west of Interstate 49 (formerly ...

Mercy Trail

2.5 miles
The Mercy Trail provides a safe and scenic route for commuting and recreation in Rogers, as it follows Osage Creek under local roads and Interstate 49. Two of Rogers' largest employment centers—Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas and Pinnacle ...

Mud Creek Trail

2.35 miles
The Mud Creek Trail follows its namesake Mud Creek, known as Freyschlag Creek in the 19th century, from N. Old Missouri Road at the eastern terminus to the connection with the Scull Creek Trail near Steele Boulevard in the west. The 10-foot-wide ...

North Bentonville Trail

2.2 miles
The North Bentonville Trail forms an arc around—you guessed it—the northern part of Bentonville, a growing city in northwest Arkansas. The scenic trail winds through woodlands and along a trickling creek for most of its route. At the trail's ...

Pleasant Grove Trail

2.8 miles
Rogers' new Pleasant Grove Trail runs through the southwestern corner of the city, a largely rural area now dotted with new residential subdivisions. In fact, the only non-residential or farm property along the trail's route is the massive First ...

Scull Creek Trail

4.4 miles
The Scull Creek Trail, which opened in October of 2008, extends from the Frisco Trail at W. Prospect Street north past the Meadow Valley Trail, Mud Creek Trail and Clear Creek Trail to Block Avenue. The trails combine to provide an extensive ...

South Bentonville Trail

2.55 miles
The South Bentonville Trail runs for approximately 2.5 miles through southern Bentonville, providing an off-road link from Rogers to both industrial and residential areas of the city. In the north, the trail meets the Town Branch Trail, allowing ...

St. Paul Trail

0.78 miles
Fayetteville’s St. Paul Trail occupies a short section of what was once an 8-mile long branch line of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway (the Frisco) between Fayetteville and St. Paul, Arkansas. The paved rail-trail runs through woodlands and ...

Town Branch Trail (Bentonville)

1.2 miles
The Town Branch Trail is a short link in Bentonville's extensive trail network. Beginning at a trailhead in Town Branch Park on E. Central Avenue—just a few blocks east of downtown—the trail extends southeast to a connection with the South Bentonville ...

Walker Park Trail

0.7 miles
The Walker Park Trail loops around Walker Park, providing access to the various amenities within Fayetteville's second oldest park. Visitors can enjoy a large skate park, playgrounds, soccer fields, tennis courts, picnic areas and a remarkable ...

Wishing Springs Trail

1.6 miles
The Wishing Springs Trail is a crucial link between two popular trails in Bentonville's extensive system. In the south, the trail begins at a junction with the North Bentonville Trail, which branches out in two directions: due south leads to ...