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Handcapped can use this trail

By gpaul1 in September, 2016

First of all, I am very handicapped. I cannot stand and I cannot walk but I love to go outside and see nature. I use a scooter to get around. The scooter is light weight because we transport the scooter by car.The shooter is not that sturdy so the ground must be flat without rocks or mud or big railroad ties sticking out of the ground. Also the little scooter does not do hills. Sot his is why it is difficult to find trails that I can use. Well the nature trial was perfect, The ground was flat and stable, no steep hills and the scenery was varied enough that we were not bored with plain trees, although I do love trees too. We have been on rails before where we were stuck in the mud or on stone or up a steep hill so I am very glad we found a safe trail for my scooter and me and my husband.It is strange how some trails are labeled handicapped or wheelchair accessible and there is no way a wheelchair can get over rocks and railroad ties. So people with handicaps can use this trail safely.

Dirt trail, not well signed on the south

By RussNelson in October, 2015

The Charlie Major Nature Trail is not a terribly long rail-trail, but it has plenty of history (ruins) to be appreciated, along with three railroad bridges, several dams, and a pretty creek. Rode it October 18th, 2014. I had a bit of trouble finding the south end of it. There's better parking and a sign on the north end where it starts at Railroad Street.

By yllek30 in August, 2014

Interesting short trail and great for all ages.

By fallzhunter in September, 2012

On web maps, it's know as: "Mill road Nature Trail". I tried looking for "Charlie Major Nature Trail" and could not find it. Great for photographers, lots of interesting stops all the way through to take pictures of. I've been there three times and plan on going back again. There are several benches to stop and rest at. It's worth your while to see it a least once!

"Fun, short trail!"

By in May, 2006

"We did this trail with babies on our backs, a few friends, and a couple dogs. It was a nice short trail that kids can also do. There was a lot of ruins to see from the mill time. We were able to pick up a map at one end before we went back that told what each structure was. We got the map from a great general store in Mottville at the end of the trail. Will hike again!"

Good condition

By in December, 2000

"The trail is in good condition, but slow down when going over a bridge as they are often slick."