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By chefknox313 in March, 2015

Great view of the lake and city the entire route. Some of the pavement is pretty rough.

Chicago Lakefront Trail

By kimberlyakleckner in July, 2014

I come to Chicago often to enjoy the city and this time I brought along my bike and rode the Chicago Lakefront Trail. It was amazing. The views were great, the people and the accessibility to food, drink and restrooms. I found it very exhilarating. I plan to return and do it more.

simply the best

By steve005007 in July, 2013

One of the best places to be in the Chi. Well maintained, simply love it!

Loved the Lakefront Bike Path

By andileehan in June, 2013

While visiting Chicago, we ran and rode bikes on the Lakefront Bike Path. It is a fantastic representation for the incredible City of Chicago. It is well maintained, has many working water fountains, beautiful views, beaches and many people using the path. I absolutely fell in love with the accessibility to the path and used it as often as I could!!

If you visit Chicago, using this path is a MUST!!!

Beautiful ride

By beckyjean10 in November, 2012

There is usually some traffic on this trail of various types - foot, bike, etc. I was out recently on a pretty cold day with high winds so it was not crowded at all. Lake Michigan was (literally) *right* there. On a windy day it can be very up close and personal in spots. It is a very scenic ride; the views are just spectacular. The view of the water makes you feel like you're on vacation, even if you're not. I ended up at Navy Pier. This is a nice day out. Would not normally be a difficult ride (not hilly) unless it's a windy day in which case half the ride will be really easy and the other half not so much.

great scenery

By dinov16 in June, 2012

this is still a great path to ride. i only ride beach cruisers and this is just perfect. i know the hard core bikers think it is too slow, but keep in mind there are 100,000 people out and about. between the beaches and the dog parks, tons of stuff to see and do. stop and play a game of chess or watch a volleyball game. there are clean bathrooms and plenty of water fountains along the way. the pace is not for speed training even tho some stubborn types think so. if you are in it to train for the tour de france, you are in the wrong area.
so many people to see and watch out for actually makes it the most enjoyable path in chicago. at any moment
you can just stop and relax and take in the action. after all, everyone needs to stop and smell the roses once in a while.
the only warning i can give is do not park at the montrose lot. even with the tennis courts, and the bike repair shack right there, you will have your car broken into. last week i counted 8 vehicles with the side window smashed. it is almost inconceivable that someone has not been caught yet. about once a month it seems to happen again and again. not sure why this area is so nasty, but needs attention.

Scenic Trail in Lincoln Park

By noeljkelller in November, 2011

A busy, noteworthy Trail. Enjoyed the scenery on this autumn day, lucky that the high rise apartment buildings sheltered the trail from a strong west wind. Noel Keller 14 Oct 2011

not good for a legitimate workout... only for putzing around

By shld2005 in May, 2011

North of Navy Pier this path is full of dogs, cell phone talkers, iPod listeners, strollers, inattentive bikers/ runners, roller bladers etc etc. and only good for getting to point B from point A slow-ish-ly (and not a legitimate workout). Be careful and pay attention!

Awesome Trail

By padro82 in September, 2010

The views on this trail are amazing. Chicago's skyline at night is just superb! You should try this trail!

Great, Sunny ride.

By DrNeato in August, 2010

This path suffers from really one thing, being exposed to the elements nearly the entire ride. True, there is some coverage farther south, but it never lasts long.

It's great though, even on hot days the lake is so close there is a nice cool breeze. At the "end" there is a nice shaded spot to stop and have a quick bite and get back going again. The trail is paved the entire length, though sometimes it's falling apart. There are a few parts where it does get pretty tight and that is usually where its also the busiest - so be careful. Great views nearly the entire ride, that is for sure.

Chicago Lakefront Trail

By kadad in November, 2009

I live on the lakefront and ride this trail virtually daily. It is one of the best things about living in Chicago. You can ride a sunrise and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sun rising over Lake Michigan. Also, since Meigs Field, the little airport by the lake was closed, the mayor has planted a genuine Chicago Prairie there, AND a 1.5 mile bike path. It is gorgeous riding and the views of the Chicago Lakefront at superb. You can also look south and east along the shoreline. They have changed the name to Northerly Island. Highly recommended.

Great Trail

By in June, 2006

"This is a great trail, well maintained, clean, and fast. The city of Chicago takes excellent care of this trail and surrounding areas. I ride it all of the time."

My Saturday morning stroll

By in January, 2005

"For the past 30 years, my friend D. and I either walked or biked this trail every Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. We take a break and walk into the city, have breakfast and then return to the trail.

Individually, we exercise on teh trail during the week as well. On the weekends the ""traffic"" can be unbearable. On weekends during the summer, many 10k runs are held, as well as organized training runs, so it can not be the escape it is during the weekdays.

Nevertheless, this is a treasure. The trail from around Irving Park to Oak Street is the busiest on the weekends. The south side end is not so busy, although the area around Hyde Park is well used.

Even if you just visit Chicago, this trail is a treasure to explore. Bikes can be rented at Navy Pier and elsewhere."