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Honest Climb

By gawarner2 in July, 2016

In selfishness, I wouldn't write about this trail, because I wouldn't want to have to share it with anyone else. But I just have to say, riding this trail from the Placerville Station east to the end of the paved portion is a neat, tidy, beautiful workout, which you can fit into less than an hour start to end. It's only something like 4.9 miles each way, but going eastward, it probably averages about a 6% grade, I would guesstimate. It's just a pure, honest workout riding east, if you push it, and then the return trip is an excellent reward. It's a pleasure to ride on my Trek hybrid.


By trail wanderer in October, 2013

There are now 3 parking areas for the El Dorado Trail on the class one sections.

1) Missouri Flat Road (Placerville/Diamond Springs) – From U.S. Highway 50, exit Missouri Flat Rd. and go south. The parking is just past Walmart on the left, next to Sierra Door & Supply. Parking in Sierra Door & Supply’s parking area is illegal. If the parking lot is full, please park at Walmart. The businesses on the same side of the street near the trail also allow parking in designated areas.

2) The Bus Station on Mosquito Rd (Placerville) – From U.S. Highway 50, take the Broadway exit. Heading east, turn right and go back under the freeway. Heading west, you can make a right into the parking area. There is paved and dirt parking presently available.

3) Camelia Lane (Placerville to Camino section) - This is also referred to as the Jacquier Parking. From U.S. Highway 50, exit Point View Drive and go north, continuing on Jacquier Road (the main road.) You will see the sign for the El Dorado Trail on your right at the corner of Jacquier Road and Camelia Lane. There is room for horse trailers.

GPS Track

By trail wanderer in October, 2013

A GPS track of the single track portion of the unimproved trail along the railroad tracks, along with additional info, is available here:

Breathtaking Railroad Trestle

By ginny_mccormick in March, 2010

This trail has a breathtaking railroad trestle that crosses Weber Creek and is about 100 feet above the ground. From the trestle you have a spectacularl view of the surrounding California foothills countryside and the meandering creek. On a bright spring day you will be rewarded with birds singing, flowers blooming and bicyclists, walkers and runners and the occasional equestrian. The fall is a wonderful time to visit for the fall colors and the nearby apple orchards. Any time is a good time to come to El Dorado County and visit 30+ wineries making superb, award winning wines. Many of the wineries can be reached by bicycle and are just a few miles from downtown Placerville.

This section of the trail is the newest addition to the El Dorado Trail. The Forni Road to Missouri Flat segment is a 2.64 mile long multi-use paved trail. After you finish walking or biking the newest section of the trail, go into downtown Placerville (you can take the trail to Forni Road and zoom into town) and enjoy this charming old gold-rush town. Don't forget to visit the historic buildings and enjoy the great shops and restaurants in downtown. If you still want more bicycling, The El Dorado Trail continues for another 4.6 miles east (paved). Check out the trail maps for more information on access points for the trail.

See the trail maps and more information at http://www.trailsnow.org/maps.htm
For information on visiting the farms and orchards in the area go to http://www.edc-farmtrails.org/ProductDirectory.html
For information on visiting the wineries go to http://www.eldoradowines.org/wineries.html

El Dorado Trail

By noeljkelller in May, 2009

Parking at Transit Depot, ( N38.73299 W120.78924 ). Uphill to the Curved Overpass over Hwy 50 is as far as I rode. Well used trail and interesting tunnel. Shade the first 1.8 mile, 0.6 along noisy Hwy 50. Use Jacquier Rd to large parking lot at Trail head ( N38.73640 W120.75436 ) Some open space then trail returns to Curved Overpass over Hwy 50. Noel Keller 30 Apr 09

Confusing directions

By Lyle in December, 2006

"Out of towners, like us, found the directions a bit confusing because if you are approaching Placerville from the east there are two Broadway exits. If you take the first one (Smith Flat School Road and Broadway), turn right and go a half block to Smith Flat Road. Turn left on Smith Flat and go about three blocks to Jacquier Road. Turn right. In less than 100 yards, you'll find a tiny parking lot (3 spaces) at the trailhead of the segment heading west toward Mosquito Road. If you continue on Jacquier another 1/4 mile, you'll find a large parking lot with a rest room. This new trail segment heads east.

If you get off Hwy 50 at the western Broadway exit westbound, you exit right on to Mosquito Road. Turn right to find the large transit system parking lot on your right in about two blocks. The trailhead is across the street. Coming from the west, you exit onto Broadway, turn right (West) one block to Main, turn right on Main and cross under Hwy 50 where it runs into Mosquito. Bear right on Mosquito and go two blocks to trailhead.

After wandering around lost for a while since we came in from the east, we finally found the tiny parking lot on Jacquier (after passing the big one but not seeing the sign). We headed west toward Mosquito Road. We had a very pleasant walk on Thanksgiving morning, 2006. There were a lot of people out wearing off a few calories before their Turkey day celebratio and the weather was ideal. This is an execellent neighborhood trail."

Ggreat start for a great trail to be!

By ercla in August, 2004

"The first three miles or so are paved and incredible to ride with a mild grade the entire way. There are plans to extend the trail from the county line with Sacramento to the beautiful logging town of Camino.

Once fully completed, this will allow bikers to ride from Old Sacramento to Camino on trails, a distance of 50+ miles!"