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5- star for beginners!

By owenizhr in September, 2014

My wife and I just started biking. Only biked 11 miles on this trail and it took us 70 minutes. We are not fast ones. But we liked the slight hills and modest scenery. Great place to bike then watch a movie when you are done. Theater is only one mile away. We did.

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Nice Clean Paved Trail.

By rlinger in August, 2010

On August 22, 2010, I biked the Liberty Trail starting around 8:30AM at the trail-end near NSU-Broken Arrow Campus. Nice rolling hills. Not too many people. Trail width holds 2 lanes (2-way). Going under bridges, the width narrows and you have to slow down as you can not see if there is runners or bikers coming in your lane or not. Has a few areas with overgrown johnson grass. Just needs a little TLC. Pavement is brand-new. I am just starting to bike again after laying off for 10 years. I think the trail could use some visual appealing elements. Maybe some flowers or other visual elements. I saw some long-horn cattle in a nearby field on my way back.