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Beautiful Trail!

By susan2014 in October, 2014

This was our first time biking this trail and we loved it! We did the middle portion, or the moutain run section, leaving out the north part near Rt 44 and the last 5 miles south of Headwater Park. I have not been biking in a while and the ride was perfect.

Trail was clean and in good shape. The parking lot just east of Mel Harder Park in Chardon has lot's of spaces, picnic tables and clean bathrooms.

The leaves of autumn were gorgeous and we saw a snake and lot's of wooly-bears on the trail! Picnicked at Headwaters Park and rode thru the park's trail to check out the camping options (nice!). Great day.....will be back with the kids!

Hard to find

By hartleyfam in July, 2014

This is a lovely asphalt trail with wonderful covered bridges over roads and the Cuyahoga River. However, the north and south sections are not connected, the road to the north trailhead was closed, with no signs pointing to a detour for the trailhead, and we had to drive around for quite a while before we found Mountain Run Park which is the trailhead for the southern section just south of downtown Chardon. We got the feeling that Chardon didn't want us there. The trail itself is very nice, but hard to find.

Our day on the trail

By mcantor71 in July, 2014

The trail is clean and well kept, and when you are not enclosed by tall wood fences, which happen to line a good portion of the trail, the scenery is great.

My kids (10 and 13) and I like to mix hiking and exploring while biking and there was no opportunity along the trail to do so. However, At the end of the trail or beginning (depending where you started) the Headwaters park is a nice place relax.

It's perfect if you just want to Bike or run.

great multi-purpose trail for all levels

By tina.bickel in July, 2014

Flat, smooth, shaded, scenic, and normally not over-crowded. A great place to walk, rollerblade, bike, and more. Nice picnic are at the Chardon trail head and also the chance to visit east branch to relax along the lake.

One of the best so far!

By mikeandvic in June, 2014

Nice asphalt, covered bridges, rest stop along the trail...just all around nice trail. We parked at Headwaters Park and went to the City of Chardon, stopping at the park / rest stop along the way. We were disapointed that we could not locate where the trail continued. Once we got to Chardon, it was busy traffic on the main drag. So it ended up being a short ride 8 miles ish from Headwaters to Chardon and back. Enjoyed the THREE covered bridges with cement to ride on. We stopped at the Rotary Pavilion for a break (it was un-used at the time). There are map signs along the trail but they didn't show the link between upper trail and lower. Mike & Vicki, June 2014

Maple Highlands Extension

By dave333 in May, 2014

The construction of a link to join the north and southern sections of the trail is almost complete, it runs from the end of the north trail on route 44 to Mel Harder Park, now you can bike ride or hike til your hearts content.

By dariusmdev in May, 2013

Mountain Run Station

By youker in May, 2013

Great day and great trail. The Mountain Run Station trail head in Chardon is just 100 yards east of the Mel Harder Baseball Park on Chardon Windsor Road. Youker

Great ride!

By jeff_g in November, 2012

Maple Highlands Trail is a great ride. I love the section from Rt 44 to Headwaters Park. Trail users (bicycle and pedestrians) are very respectful of each other. The trail is well kept and the scenery is great. It’s a nice 17.5-mile ride (round trip) and stopping off at the lake at the end of or in the middle or the ride (depending where you start off) provides a very beautiful and relaxing place to have a snack and a drink of water. Highly recommend a visit.

Perfect afternoon ride

By jkheaver in August, 2012

Ended up with a couple hours on a warm afternoon - jumped on the trail - good amount of sun and shade - flat and well kept - covered bridges are a nice touch

One of the best trails in Ohio!!!

By rexbolt in May, 2010

The portion of the trail from Mountain Run Station to Headwaters Park is great. Well maintained, small hills, a few road crossings. I ride this trail about 3 times a week. Here's a hint: for some off-road fun, head east down 322 (Mayfield Rd) to till you hit the North entrance of the park. It's a great packed gravel ride down to the lake with lots of hills, I can get up to 30mph on a mountain bike going down some of the hills.

Maple Highlands Trail - AWESOME!!!

By bikin-mike in April, 2010

The Maple Highlands Trail is very well maintained. Paved the entire length with 3 beautiful small covered bridges. We especially like the section from Mountain Run Station to Headwaters Park. Some nice railroad history signs at Mountain Run. A few small hills at some road crossings. Slight uphill climb heading North into Chardon. Great trail and we recommend it to everyone.

Gen of a trail

By Kristin Firth in September, 2009

It should be noted that the north section ends where a Lake County trail to the north continues for a ways to GIrdled Road (then there is a break where cyclists have to go on the road to connect with the remainder of the trail in Lake County).

The section of trail southeast of Chardon toward Middlefield is a lovely section of paved trail, passing though three covered bridges (new--constructed as part of the bike path). It is fairly level, though there is a mild grade back into Chardon. This trail is a real gem, passing through quiet wooded and marshy areas. I've seen deer and wild turkeys, along with the usual human traffic of cyclists, walkers, in-line skaters, parents with strollers, and occasionally local cross-country teams! That makes it sound busy, but depending on the time of day it can be a very peaceful, quiet ride.