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Outstanding scenic trail

By freakdom2003 in January, 2017

Rode the entire length of the trail twice it was exhilarating both mentally and physically. The paved surface enables a smooth ride. The only downside was the amount of other patrons who were standing in the middle of the path. Look forward to my next opportunity to ride the trail and it future extension.

More than just the North Augusta Greeneway Park

By tinasdude in April, 2016

The trail ends right near the 13th street bridge going over the savannah river into Augusta. Cross the bridge and ride approximately 1 1/2 miles to Augusta canal trail which runs between the canal and the savannah river. While on the SC side stop at Manuel's Bread Cafe. A short distance from the river loop on the Greeneway with nice shaded outdoor seating. Combining the 2 trails makes for a nice ride.

A great ride

By franciedgerly in August, 2015

A lot of fun even if you do not ride every day. Serious and not so serious riders. Fun to see families and pedestrians respectfully sharing the trail. I can't wait to get back out tomorrow.

Great ride

By carol w in November, 2014

I just got my bike and this was my first real ride. Loved the trail. The detour was no problem. The sink-hole is being worked on so hopefully that part will be open soon.

nice ride despite the detour

By tnwhit in July, 2014

Yes the trail has a major sinkhole ($1.2 million to repair) but the trail association has posted signs the detour you around. It is still a nice ride and the detour gives you some short hills. The northern end is freshly paved. Overall it is a great place to ride.


By bikerider68 in July, 2014

We decided to do this trail on our way back to FL after visiting NE GA but were disappointed to find it is currently going under some construction with a portion of the trail being completely washed out. There were also sections of the trail closed due to trees being removed. Other than the construction it looks to be a great trail and would love to know when the construction will be complete.

Wonderful Trail

By parkhounds in September, 2012

The Greenway is a wonderful ride, beautiful, with a diverse landscape/ terrain. We enjoy weekend rides with our son, and his family, a ride even my 8 year old grandson has no problem finishing!

A Couple rough spots, Oh my!

By thomdavies2053 in January, 2012

As a local from across the river, Savannah that is, I basically love the trail. I try to ride it everyday. On one stretch basically in the middle the trees are trying to reclaim the trail. I don't know if a steam roller would help, but it probably is no more than two miles.

The trail is basically 5.5 miles end to end BUT you can detour, preferably on the way back from I-20. Before you get back to Georgia Ave and the Savannah take a right at the Riverfront sign. If my computer is correct you can add about 6 miles by doing the Riverfront back to Georgia Ave/13th Street Bridge and then taking another right through the country club/golf course/really nice houses to the 6th Street Railroad trestle. It should be 3 miles each but just to be safe you can see the starting point and then do the Riverfront and back to your starting point.

It is a GREAT way to do a trail ride in 11 mile increments, especially on a recumbent. Yes you will even confuse the squirrels.

North Augusta Trail has bee extended (July 2011)

By firebf881 in July, 2011

A "bike ride - field trip" from Atlanta brought us over to the Augusta GA - North Augusta SC area on 6 and 7 July 2011 to ride this trail and the Augusta Canal Trail with one overnight stay. Arriving about 2 PM, we had no more than unloaded and went a mile or so when the sky rumbled and a typical summertime thunderstorm blossomed up forcing a retreat and reload back at our vehicle. Couple of hours in a motel room and the sun was back out, the heavy rain had brought the temps down and off we went to Riverside Park again.

We headed north up the former Georgia Florida (Central of GA) RR Right of Way and found it to be about a 2% grade but a very easy ride. From the paved trail adjacent to the Savannah River just west of the Georgia Ave / 5th St bridge the elevation change to the new (2011) end at Bergen Road (just north of I-20) is 246 feet over the now about 6+ miles. This trail has a very nice and thick "tree canopy" for most of the areas north of the Riverview Park Recreation Center and not extremely bad south heading toward downtown North Augusta. Although a 250 foot elevation change sounds like a decent climb, the coolness of the shade made this more than easy for a "road", "hybrid" or "trail" bike so give it a try!!

The trail used to stop at Greenway Park on Pisgah Road just west of West Five Notch Road. Not sure of the exact dates, but our ride in the summer of 2011 found the trail has been extended another 0.8 mile northward and stops at a new parking area on Bergen Road just on the north side of I-20. Access to Bergen Road is off of Five Notch Road on the east, just north of the I-20 bridge or from SC 230 (Exit 1) on the west. Bergen parallels the interstate on the north side.

There is now a cyclist controlled crossing signal at the trail crossing at Pisgah Road, so even through a busy street, crossing is not a problem. There is also a convenience store at this point for liquid refreshment if the water fountains along the trail are not enough. As of July 2011, there are NO facilities north of this point so plan ahead.

As others mentioned, although officially the southern (or eastern at that point) terminal of the Greenway is at Riverside Boulevard just east of US-25, there are attached sections of connecting bike paths going south and along the Savannah River. In addition there are lots of residential streets in some new housing adjacent to the river which can also add to your mileage total. We topped out over 12 miles round trip, so not bad for what previously has been listed as a 5 mile Rail Trail. Hope to see you in North Augusta

Dave Wms - Atlanta

A very nice trail

By theroadgoeson4ever in August, 2009

I was in Augusta from out of town on business. I went to the trail yesterday evening, waited until an electrical storm passed by. Started running in a drizzle and off and on heavy rain. The trail was well tended and completely shaded. I started from Riverview Park and ran to the end, which is up a steady grade. The good news is coming back, it was down a steady grade. This facility is a real gem. I runs through well tended, quiet neighborhoods. There were several water fountains along the trail. A very relaxing place and one of the gems of the Augusta area.

North Augusta Greenway Trail

By youker in December, 2008

I very nice trail biked in early December 2008. There is a fair change in elevation so it would be easier to start at the north trailhead and bike south toward the river if you are only doing one way with a shuttle. When you hit the river and go under the highway there are options to continue biking in both directions. There is also parking. Youker

A very nice trail!

By jtmartin57 in September, 2008

Having recently ridden this greenway for the first time I now understand why it has garnered its status as a National Recreation Trail. My wife and two boys (6 and 2 yo) parked at Riverview Park before we began our exploration. BTW, Riverview Park appears to be a first class facility w/ multiple athletic fields/courts, gymnasium, restrooms/picnic areas and ample parking. Back to the subject of the trail. The trail is a smooth riding piece of art that is easy to follow. There is a slight grade from the Riverview Park to the Pisgah Rd. terminus which was hardly noticeable to me while pulling my 2 yo in his trailer. This area has plenty of shade and the few neighborhoods it passes appear to be quite pleasant. There are water fountains along the route to quench your thirst along w/ some benches to rest your legs if so inclined. If traveling in the opposite direction from Riverview Park you'll find abundant wildlife as you pass by forests and wetlands en route to the Savannah River. This area of the trail is simply beautiful as it passes by the river and the beautiful homes and gardens that surround it. This is a first class trail that is a great place for exercise, sight-seeing or quality time w/ the family. I highly recommend it!