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By coxjen01 in August, 2014

Scenic views, but trail very rough

By mczet in September, 2013

We rode this trail in July 2013, starting from the Ft. McCoy trail head. There is a small parking area and a covered patio here with some picnic tables.

Riding the trail on our Gekko trikes, we noticed right away that this was a very rough trail. The asphalt surface is very old and seems to see infrequent maintenance. The center of the trail had a grass 'mohawk', which on standard two wheel bikes is of little concern, however on our trikes we found it difficult to avoid the rough areas.

Overall we found it much rougher than the crushed limestone Elroy-Sparta or 400 Trail because the age of the trail has caused it to develop many bumps, likely from winter frost heaves. Also, because it is used by snowmobiles during winter, much of the softer asphalt was worn away and it resembled a packed pebble trail in many spots.

We rode only from Ft. McCoy to a couple miles past Hustler and back. (About 6 miles in give or take) Its a very scenic trail, closed in by trees and the eroded limestone walls this area is famous for. Would have loved to ride all the way to Elroy and back, but as our trikes don't have shock absorbers the jostling got to be very uncomfortable. If they were to repave this trail, it would be the kind of delight one would ride over and over.

Beautiful Ride

By aslaksan in September, 2013

I was on the Omaha Trail from Elroy to Hustler. The trail is paved, but it's not a smooth surface; nevertheless, the surface was solid and not too bumpy. Comments from a few years ago suggest that the road bed is in bad condition, but I didn't find it that way. Between Elroy and Hustler you climb through a series of sandstone ridges that are heavily forested and absolutely beautiful. At the top of one ridge, you travel through a long, dark railroad tunnel (be sure to bring bike lights!). If you are traveling north, once you exit the tunnel, it's all downhill to Hustler. You'll be tempted to go fast on this section of the trail, but if you do, you won't have time to take in the incredible beauty of the forests that line the trail.

The Omaha Trail is a county trail, and if you are over 18, you need a pass to ride it ($1.00 daily pass and $5.00 annual). You need to buy this pass at one of several business along the trail (there are no self-service boxes). I bought mine at the Elroy Commons Trailshop, 303 Railroad St.

nice ride

By jrutch in October, 2010

easy to find from elroy....nice ride....fairly smooth, sealed surface....farms, pretty palnts, rock formations, a small tunnel, small towns, etc. ..... a great afternoon ride for us

One of the good ones..

By swell in April, 2009

We ride this trail numerous times every year. A season pass is only $5.00! Yes the surface has to put up with snow machines, but I have always been very impressed with the way the county takes care of this trail. Every time I go there, there's more work being done and limbs cleared etc. Always lots of critters around, too. The Hustle Inn in Hustler always seems to have a hot batch of brats in a slow cooker and lots of ice cream. At Camp Douglas, you can grab a sub and take it up to the cave park (about 7 miles one way) and eat lunch. I love this trail.

Needs better maintenance to restore the surface

By pbadam1512 in January, 2009

I rode this trail on a beautiful warm sunny day on August 29, 2008 with my Scorpion Fx trike. The trails surface is composed of compressed gravel making the surface as hard as cement. However, it seems like very little maintenance is done on this trail because of it's ruts and pot holes throughout the length of this 14 mile trail, a biker has to be careful when navigating this trail. I began my ride from the restored railroad depot at the commons' in Elroy where the Sparta-Elroy and 400' trails intersect as well. To get to the Omaha Trail, you'll need to follow the 400' trail for a short distance, and then follow the brown signs along the city streets until you arrive at the start of the trail. The scenery is beautiful along this trail consisting of woods, unique sandstone bluffs, serene meadows, farm land and the quaint town of Hustler. Before Hustler you'll approach the tunnel by way of a 120 foot gradual climb, when compared to the Sparta-Elroy tunnels, it's somewhat anticlimactic considering it's length is only about 1/8 of a mile long, but still a pleasure to ride through on a hot day. A ways down, after you leave the tunnel, you'll come to the only rest area along the trail with full facilities. At one point on the trail you'll cross what is known as the shelf where the trail is sandwhiched between bluffs on one side, and a 75' drop off to the road below on the opposite side. The day I rode the trail, this portion was broken up because of the heavy rains we had here in wisconsin in spring, But I was still able to get around the broken portions of the trail safely.

I found this trail to be very peacefull and pleasant to ride, but it should be better maintained.

Dennis Adam
Sheboygan, WI

"Beautiful Trail, BUT"

By in July, 2006

"The scenery on this trail is great and it is a quiet peaceful ride. On the way up to the tunnel from Camp Douglas the rock cuts are covered with flowers and ferns, and a nice picnic area with restrooms is just before the tunnel.
But, the only problem with the trail is that the surface continues to deterioriate. Snowmobiles have torn up the hard surface in many places and animals have dug some large holes. So, rather than being able to enjoy the scenery riders have to continually watch where they are riding. If the trail surface were repaired this would be the greatest trail in this area."

The Omaha Trail

By Vicki in July, 2005

This is a beautiful trail from Hustler to the tunnel. It was a good second ride for our 4 year old. I imagine in the fall it would be even more beautiful.

The other tunnel trail

By megaman in July, 2004

"This is a seal coated trail that can be ridden most any time snow isn't on the ground. There is a 900-foot tunnel about halfway along the trail with a restroom and picnic tables nearby.

This is a county trail that requires a county trail pass. The surface is a bit rough in some places due to the surface failing a bit. Also, the trail has been damaged by mud slides due to recent heavy rains. The county has usually repaired the trail, but not in a timely manner.

The trail ends abruptly on the north side of Elroy and you need to ride on some side streets to reach the two state trails that connect here.

This is a generally quiet trail with a gentle grade. There is plenty of shade and the tunnel remains cool on the hottest of days.

All in all a nice day's ride."

Nice Trail

By in July, 2002

I rode the Omaha Trail in the summer of 2001. The trail was gently sloping and at times the scenery was nice. I would recommend this trail for families that want to build up to ride longer trails.