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An ok Trail

By mjerabek in June, 2015

This is a well maintained trail, but very confusing for visitors. The route is through various parks, parking lots, senior centers and private neighborhoods. However, there is a total lack of directional signs. Even a simple sign with a directional arrow would be sufficient. The trail on the north side is hilly, but the trail on the south side is more of a converted rail bed. We rode the trail on a Friday and it was very busy.

Beautiful trail!!!!!

By fiyero in May, 2015

Short but sweet! Immaculate paved bike trail with amazing views of the Sac River! We will be back!

Nice loop ride

By trail53link in December, 2014

Rode every mile on TrailLink's map of this trail. Great scenery and excellent trail surface. I recommend the Middle Creek spur as well. The east side of the river is not really a rail type trail. It's a roller coaster ride but lots of fun to do coming downstream.

TRAILBEAR IN THE RAIN - The Sacramento River Trail in Redding.

By trailbear in June, 2010

TRAILBEAR IN THE RAIN - The Sacramento River Trail in Redding.


Redding, Ca.

Destination: The Sacramento River Trail in Redding, Ca. It looks like an interesting ride, but under reported. There is a map but only a few photos on TrailLink.

What a difference a day makes. This talk of “deep low in the Gulf of Alaska” and “late spring storm” was not comforting to TrailBear. Rain was ahead. The Sacramento weather was talking of 1-3” of rain in the Shasta region and noted that the dam operators were already dumping water. TB left Lake Del Valle in Livermore and headed north in sunshine, but ahead you could see the altostratus of the front sliding ashore.

Early afternoon, Redding: The stratus is much lower, with clouds below coming over the mountains and you can see rain in the hills. We park at Turtle Bay by the Sundial Bridge. Out comes the bike and TrailBear heads up the trail.

He got a few miles out before the rain arrived and it was time to kick it about and flee, but everything he saw was good. It’s a triple five star trail From the Sundial Bridge to the double bridges the trail surface was 5*, the facilities were 5* and the scenery was 5*. Consider this a destination trail.

TB had planned two days in Redding to do the Sac River Trail and the Sac River Rail Trail. Not in the rain. You can ride from Turtle Bay all the way to Shasta Dam. We will see if the weather cooperates on the fall migration down to Socal. Here is a quick look at a bit of the lower trail. Some of the things you can enjoy:

Trailhead: Turtle Bay –

The parking is free at this complex. The museum and café are fee areas.


The Sundial Bridge –

Redding went to Spain to get the architect to design a trophy bridge. They got one. This bridge is unique and tells time. It’s accurate on the Summer Solstice, but who cares. Check out the photos on the web. After putting the bike away, it was coffee at the café at Turtle Bay (under cover), watching a ? junior high ? graduation gather. Blue robes and parents and umbrellas streamed across the bridge and gathered beneath the sundial.

The McConnell Arboretum – on the far side of the bridge.

The trail runs through a delightful avenue of oaks shading the trail here. Nice on a sunny day. Today TB did not linger.

The Cauldwell Park Wayside –

tthe first mayor of Redding is sitting on a bench there (in bronze). Have your photo taken with him. Picnic tables and an overlook for viewing the diversion dam. There is also a fish viewing facility there - underwater windows and such.

The double bridges –

TB got this far before the drizzle turned to rain. The old bridge has been repurposed to ped/bike use and a new car bridge built alongside for Benton Drive. Here the loop portion starts. Head up the north side of the river to the Ribbon Bridge or cross over here and take the south side trail to the Ribbon Bridge. From there you can take the connector to the Keswick Dam and get on the Sacramento River Rail Trail.

Wonders up the freeway –

Lake Shasta had water in it! Decades of going up and down I-5 and TB had never, ever seen the lake full. Today it was. No shoreline; the water is up to the trees. What a change from years of bathtub rings and views of high and dry marinas. Give the heavy rains encountered on the way to Weed, TB can see why. No wonder they are dumping water and the river is full. Lake full, more coming, no place to put it. Beats years of bathtub rings.

Ride on!


Getting his fur wet.

Turtle Bay Museum and the Sundial Bridge

By zbonnin in May, 2010

A beautiful ride along the Sacramento River with great interpretive signs and tons of wildlife viewing along the way. The museum is great too, with a beautiful arboretum. Spring time seems to be the best time of year, but the cool water from the Sacramento River acts like a natural air conditioner in the summer time.

New trails

By wkuntz in October, 2007

"New mileage has been added to the trail system, 2.5 miles connect the Sacramento River Trail and the Sacramento River Rail-Trail. On the east side of the Sacramento/Kewick Lake the Quartz Hill Narrow Gauge Railway bed has been developed as a new trail called the Hornbeck trail (segment of the Sacramento River Rail-Trail (4 miles long). The trail starts at either Quartz Hill Road or at the end of Walker Mine Road. "

Terrific Trail

By in September, 2005

"This trail is entirely paved. Goes up one side of the river and crosses a bridge and down the other side. A few steep climbs on the north side, but flat on the south side. A fun, fun easy trail."

Beautiful Ride

By in September, 2005

"This is a gravel, flat trail along the Sacramento River. Lots of wild animal scat on the trail, but we didn't see any. A fantastic ride for Grammy and Papa."