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work out equipment

By cdw.watson37 in December, 2016

I actually like the trail it does need some improvments I think there should be some pull up and dip bars maybe at the crossing area at Jackson springs and bring the water cooler back thank you


By jstrailrun in September, 2015

I am a usual user of this trail because it's in walking distance from my house, there are benches missing and broken, there used to be a water cooler at the ballpark benches and it was removed, need workout equipment, kids smoking pot and motorized vehicles sporadically. I'm disappointed.


By rander3 in March, 2015

This is a short peaceful, isolated trail. It has two convenient parking areas. Good for a short easy ride but nothing special.

Worst at Best

By sailnaked in September, 2013

At best, this is perhaps the worst and most dangerous trail in The Tampa Bay area. It is too short, it is virtually impossible to set any sort of cadence. People wander aimlessly across the path of cyclist with bikes, dogs,and children. Dog poop litters the trail. Within the first 1/2 mile I had to come to a complete stop to avoid hitting idiots standing in corners with dogs on leashes and elderly people that had no control their bikes. Local residents have absolutely no respect for anyone else using the trail.

Beware of motorcycles and mopeds

By mary1014 in September, 2013

Very disappointed with this trail today. It was my first sunday and I had to share it with motorized moped and a motorcycle. I was not aware that those were allowed. Obviosuly they knew not to go all the way to Hanley because they would been seen. So they rode back and forth between the baseball ct parking lot to the end of the trail on George Rd and not SLOW either. Nor was I warned that they were approaching from behind. Not happy that no one patrols this area regularly.


By lravens in September, 2013

Enjoy running the trail. Always used by runners, bikers, and people out walking their dogs. Good trail for those on the Town n Country neighborhood.

Nice Trail

By crusinduo in May, 2010

I just rode the trail twice this week. I really enjoyed it. It is open from Sheldon to George. A couple of nice bridges to stop and take a little scenery. We saw several rabbits and squirrels along the way. There is even a sign that says "do not feed the aligators". Although the trail is not that long, the ice water stops along way were a welcome site. All in all, it is nice ride.

Plans to extend trail

By J R in November, 2003

"Hillsborough County has plans to extend the Town-n-Country Greenway. On the west end, there are plans to extend the trail from Webb road to Sheldon Road, with a bridge over Rocky Creek. And on the east end, there are plans to extend the trail from the softball fields to George Road, with a bridge over Channel G.

As of November 1, 2003, it looked like the construction on the east side was complete. However, it appeared that the trail extension was not offically opened to the public yet."