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Great biking / walking trail

By goblin2004 in April, 2012

I have been riding the Virgin River Trail, and it is a great bike/walking trail. They have repaired sections of the trail that were washed out during the floods, and they have built a new park near the confluence of the Virgin and Santa Clara Rivers. It is a great place to get out and exercise.

Virgin River Trail

By noeljkelller in April, 2011

The Dec 2010 flood washed out a 0.75 mile section of trail, that may take some time to replace, one mile east of S River Road, 37.08648 -113.54035 The Trail resumes at the junction with Middleton Wash Trail. Then another damaged section that can be by-passed on dirt, 37.097333 -1113.533644. The surface of the undamaged trail is excellent. Soon after the 0.7 Bike lane section on E Riverside Drive , the trail becomes the City of Washington Mill Creek Trail at N37.11220 W113.51368. Currently the outlet to
S Washington Fields Rd is under construction. Very Active use, both quiet & noisy. Noel Keller 27Mar -1 Apr 2011.