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A second mile in the woods

By joemyers in May, 2013

Although there is only one mile of paved trail, you can continue on a well traveled wooded path for another mile. This path terminates behind a business (formerly the FOP lodge) on Green Springs Highway. A neighborhood street (Red Mountain Terrace S.) also dead ends there. You can park at the end of that street and walk first on the wooded path and then continue on to the paved trail.

Great city trail for Spring Migrating Birds

By travelingshutterbug in May, 2013

In April 2013 a few days ago, My friend sent me this about Vulcan Pk Trail. "During my lunch break during the last couple of weeks, I have been birding the Vulcan trail which lies on the upper north slope of Red Mountain. I have found an abundance of palm warblers as well as lots of indigo buntings, some hooded warblers, red eyed vireos, rose breasted grosbeaks, scarlet tangers and a good variety of other neotropical species represented by single individuls including cerulean warbler, ovenbird (two days in a row), Tennessee warbler and bay brested warbler. Wood thrushes have been singing in the area as well."
Today, May 1st 2013 I saw some great birds as well!!!!
Indigo Buntings, Great Crested Flycatchers, gorgeous male Baltimore Orioles,White-eyed Vireos,Eastern Towhees,Gray Cat bird,Eastern Phoebe,Yellow-rumped Warbler,Turkey Vultures, Carolina Wren,Scarlet Tanagers & the usual jays,cardinals, sparrow,Rough-winged Swallows & Crows.

By mb4541 in July, 2012

The trail is adjacent to Vulcan Park but there is no path linking the park to the trail. The path is really more a limited service road for telephone and cable access. The trail is easy walking on the flat, smooth asphalt with no real views unless you like looking at Kudzu going up the hill or houses and apartments down the hill.

Nice urban trail

By tryker13 in November, 2011

This is my first visit to this trail. (11/1/11) After reading the two prior reviews, I wasn't sure what to expect. I found the trailhead by using the GPS on my iPhone. I expected to see a sign for the trail prior to tuning into the small parking area. There was none. The turn in to the parking lot is at the blinking light at the top of the hill. The only sign I saw was at the actual start of the trail. My first impression of the parking lot was that it is used by the locals as a drinking spot. The pavement on the trail is in good condition. My impression was that of walking down a neighborhood street. There was actually curbing in some spots. The trail is also used to service the numerous utility poles on the mountain side. I was surprised to see a vehicle parked at the end of the trail. There is a road that comes up the mountain, I guess for utility trucks to acess the poles there. Over all this was a nice 1 mile trail

Trail maintenance much improved

By rlforarf in July, 2010

I was out there today (17Jul2010) and they have built retaining walls and repaired the landslide areas. They did a general brush cleanup also, and the trail is looking pretty good.

Vulcan Trail in Disrepair

By datkins1268 in September, 2009

This would be a beautiful trail with a great view if... parts of the pavement on the trail had not collapsed leaving only about a 1 1/2 feet of the trail against the side of the mountain and large gaping holes on the downhill side. You can still walk/ride if you are very carefull. Large iron ore colored rocks, great view, tree shaded path but be careful. Concrete barricade in the trail before the collapsed areas so you will be warned. Would be nice is the trail could be repaired - not a good advertisement for visitors to Vulcan.