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wood river trail

By scottbikefly in October, 2014

Outstanding bike path for road or to get you to local mtn trails.


By ltbike in October, 2010

We rode this trail in August 2010 and it is wonderful. We rode one way and had a shuttle truck at the south end. It is very flat. Great ride.

Windy Valley Ride

By in September, 2005

"August 24th, 2005, we rode up hill from Hailey to Ketchum in the morning and had lunch followed by sightseeing. The ride back down hill was into the wind and more work than pleasure. Great paved path without much shade. Suggest you check wind direction and velocity before you bike here – the nature of the valley channels the wind the same direction as the trail. We didn’t head the advise Greg gave in his 3/15/04 review.
We also tried the Harriman Trail, north of Ketchum. Great for mountain bikes but not for our hybrid bikes – we ended up riding on the highway with it’s wide shoulders.

Good trail

By ggwbikemt in March, 2004

"Overall, this is a good trail to ride on. The trail features some nice Idaho mountain scenery. Local weather effects tend to give the area a northerly wind at night and in the morning and a southerly wind in the afternoon and evening. If you want a double barrel tailwind start at Ketchum in the morning and ride to Bellevue in the morning then return to Ketchum in the afternoon. "