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June Ride with Grandson

By OldTerry in July, 2016

In June I rode this trail as part of my quest (now completed) to have ridden at least one bike trail in the lower 48 states. This trail was one of the best and much better than I expected. The trail was easy to ride being asphalt and flat The sceneries were. Absolutely gorgeous. I would recommend this

Sets the Standard for All Rails to Trails!

By dcmlaw in July, 2015

The maintenance is outstanding. We just vacationed over the 4th of July and the trail is being repaved eliminating the freeze cracks. Bravo!

The best!

By marlshallwmeyer in May, 2015

The Wood River Trail is the spine of the Wood River Valley paralleling route 75, an Idaho scenic byway. From the northern terminus of the trail, you can continue on the shoulder of 75 to SNRA Headquarters and beyond to Galena Lodge and Galena Summit (though the last 5 miles is a steep climb). You can branch from the WRT in several directions including East Fork Road to the old mining community of Triumph, Greenhorn Gulch, Elkhorn, Warm Springs, Adams Gulch, etc. The choices are nearly infinite. Two cautions. Watch out for the tunnels: use your voice or bell or horn before entering as careless riders may be coming at you in the wrong lane. And take plenty of water. Despite the mountains, it is high desert and dehydration can be an issue.

wood river trail

By scottbikefly in October, 2014

Outstanding bike path for road or to get you to local mtn trails.

A good trail for commuters and visitors alike

By moonshot61 in April, 2013

The Wood River Trail extends north-south in the valley and passes interesting landmarks such as Bald Mountain, Boxcar Bend on the Big Wood River and the towns of Hailey and Bellevue.

The trail as of 4/2013 is falling into disrepair. There is "alligatoring" of the asphalt to the north and numerous frost heave cracks of 1" or more in width run across the pavement throughout the trail making for annoying "ker-CHUNK, pause.., ker-CHUNK" and you pass over them.

The locals will vote soon on whether to spend millions to resurface the entire trail. Surely this will pass and after that work is done (projected for 2014) this will become a stellar trail once again.

Amazing ride, run, walk or ski (in winter)

By scottbikefly in January, 2013

This trail is perfect for commuting between Hailey and Ketchum or for a casual ride. You will see hard core roadie's and casual hybrids with kids on any given day. Or skate ski in the winter. If you come to Sun Valley be sure to ride this trail round trip North or South at least once. Clean air, great views, small hills it is a perfect paved trail with many off shoots to explore or leads you to many a great mountain bike single track trail as well.

Scott Montgomery
Club Ride
Sun Valley, ID


By ltbike in October, 2010

We rode this trail in August 2010 and it is wonderful. We rode one way and had a shuttle truck at the south end. It is very flat. Great ride.

Windy Valley Ride

By in September, 2005

"August 24th, 2005, we rode up hill from Hailey to Ketchum in the morning and had lunch followed by sightseeing. The ride back down hill was into the wind and more work than pleasure. Great paved path without much shade. Suggest you check wind direction and velocity before you bike here – the nature of the valley channels the wind the same direction as the trail. We didn’t head the advise Greg gave in his 3/15/04 review.
We also tried the Harriman Trail, north of Ketchum. Great for mountain bikes but not for our hybrid bikes – we ended up riding on the highway with it’s wide shoulders.

Good trail

By ggwbikemt in March, 2004

"Overall, this is a good trail to ride on. The trail features some nice Idaho mountain scenery. Local weather effects tend to give the area a northerly wind at night and in the morning and a southerly wind in the afternoon and evening. If you want a double barrel tailwind start at Ketchum in the morning and ride to Bellevue in the morning then return to Ketchum in the afternoon. "