Algonquin Road Trail/Paul Douglas Forest Preserve Trail

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The Algonquin Road Trail and Paul Douglas Forest Preserve Trail combine to completely encircle the large forest preserve in northwestern Cook County. The paved trail provides access to many of the preserve’s facilities, as well as the communities northwest of the park.

In the north, the trail parallels Algonquin Road, occupying the north side of the busy street between S. Roselle Road and S. Ela Road and the south side for the remaining length. The southern portion of the loop within the Paul Douglas Forest Preserve features gentle, rolling hills and is generally quiet—a nice respite from much of the rest of densely populated Cook County.

In the west, the trail continues from the intersection of Algonquin Road and Huntington Boulevard to the entrance for the Crabtree Nature Center. The preserved landscape is popular with birdwatchers and also offers an extensive network of hiking trails.

At S. Roselle Road, the pathway meets the Palatine Trail, offering cyclists and pedestrians direct off-road access to Harper College, the Deer Grove East Forest Preserve and a variety of parks and other amenities in the Village of Palatine.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking for the Algonquin Road Trail/Paul Douglas Forest Preserve Trail can be found at the entrance to the Crabtree Nature Center on the south side of W. Palatine Road. Parking is also available at the entrance to the Paul Douglas Forest Preserve off W. Central Road (east of Huntington Boulevard).


Good exercise loop for windy days.

   April, 2014 by dfdalton

The surface is in good condition, only it needs to be swept clean. Luckily I did not encounter glass, but there was a lot of loose asphalt gravel especially in those sections closest to the roads. This path runs along busy roads for most of its length more


   September, 2013 by akelkar

I had been here once before but was immediately put off by the fact that there is a huge section of the trail that is along Algonquin Road. And so I never returned here. Preffered to go to Busse Woods. But since this trail is so close to where I live, more

Places to park to enjoy the trails.

   March, 2013 by cmk033

There are few place you can park to enjoy the trail: 1. There is a parking at entrance to the Crabtree Preserve. Parking is on the south side of the street on Palatine Road. 2. Parking is also available at the south entrance of Paul Douglas Forest more