Aliso Creek Riding and Hiking Trail

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The Aliso Creek Riding and Hiking Trail passes through the heart of Mission Viejo from South Laguna to Rancho Santa Margarita along an 18.5-mile corridor. The paved trail features many parks in Orange County, with plenty of rest areas and kiosks providing information and recounting the area's history. Beginning from the ocean end, the trail goes gradually uphill; it's a fun downhill ride on the way back.

Parking and Trail Access

You can access the trail in many places along its route. Parking is available at Awma Road near Aliso Canyon Road, the ballfields off Woodfield Road, Sycamore Park, El Toro Park, Heroes Park and off El Toro Road near Marguerite Parkway.


   October, 2013 by parteklman

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UPPER ALISO CREEK TRAIL - Hero's Park to El Toro Rd.

   February, 2011 by trailbear

2.14.2011 It's Sunny Southern California and TrailBear has a bit of free time. The rains are coming, so better get a ride in before they arrive. Last time Der Bear was on this trail, it rained. He stopped at the 241 toll road and beat feet back to more

ALISO CREEK TRAIL - facilities survey from El Toro Park to the 241 Overpass

   February, 2010 by toolbear

ALISO CREEK TRAIL – Facilities survey from El Toro Park to the 241 Overpass Sunday, 2/21/10. It was an iffy day. Would it rain? Where would it rain? TrailBear wussed out of riding on Saturday. He went into Costco with sunshine. Came out to find more