Alum Creek Greenway Trail

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The Alum Creek Greenway Trail follows a north–south route along a riparian corridor of its namesake creek, connecting neighborhoods, parks and commercial districts. The scenic pathway will one day be part of the larger Ohio to Erie Trail that will eventually link Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland.

The trail currently has three sections: one runs between Westerville (Schrock Road) and Easton (Sunbury Road near Walnut Creek); one runs between Innis Park and Sunbury Road north of Bethesda Avenue (near Alum Creek Arlington Park); and a third runs between Ohio Dominican University (Airport Drive) and Three Creeks Metro Park, where it meets the nearly 18-mile Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail. At Schrock Road in the north, the trail continues as part of the Westerville B&W system.

Parking and Trail Access

You can access the Alum Creek Greenway Trail from several places. For more details refer to the City of Columbus Parks & Recreation website.


Wes alum

   October, 2014 by conns8744

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Definitely a 5 star trail

   August, 2014 by stangfreak

I have ridden all sections of this trail several times and enjoy the rides every time. The trails are always clean, smooth, and well cared for. I have had the opportunity to see several beautiful deers peeking through the leaves at me at various locations more

Excellent, Fun, and Relaxing

   August, 2014 by stangfreak

I have ridden this trial several times from Polaris to the very end at Easton. I am keeping a close watch on the construction of the link to take us on to Innis Park and further. Trail is smooth, clean, and well cared for. Plenty of Mother Nature along more