Alum Creek Trail

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The Alum Creek Multi-Use Trail is part of the larger Ohio to Erie Trail that will eventually link Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland. This Alum Creek section follows a north–south route along a riparian corridor of its namesake creek, connecting neighborhoods, parks and commercial districts.

As of early 2012, the trail had three sections: one runs between Westerville (Schrock Road) and Easton (Sunbury Road near Walnut Creek); one runs between Innis Park and Sunbury Road near Ballyvaughn Road (by Alum Creek Arlington Park); and a third runs between Ohio Dominican University (Airport Drive) and Three Creeks Metro Park, where it also doubles as part of the Blacklick Creek Trail. At Schrock Road in the north, the trail continues as part of the Westerville Bikeways system.

Parking and Trail Access

You can access the Alum Creek Multi-Use Trail from several places. For more details refer to the Columbus Parks & Recreation website.


Started in Franklin Park

   September, 2013 by suezn

We parked at Franklin Park and rode the trail south since the bridge to the north is under reconstruction and closed. After a couple miles, the trail is less urban and becomes a delightful ride. I liked how the path curves, offering new views as you go. more

Not a favorite....

   August, 2013 by dguerr1952

We picked the trail up in Westerville and headed south. Not much to look at and the trail suddenly stopped at the soccer fields down by Easton. I also don't think it was well marked and we had to turn around a couple of times. The trail does continue more

Construction Update

   July, 2013 by Advocate

In 2012 a one mile section was completed extending the trail south from Ballyvaughn Dr to Mock Rd, Bethesda Ave near Brittany Hills. This features: a new wooden bridge(at Mock Rd), at-grade crossing of Sunbury Rd & dedicated trailhead parking lot (Brittany more