Arkansas River Trail

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Spanning just over 21 miles, the Arkansas River Trail runs riverside through Little Rock and North Little Rock.

On the southern bank, the trail extends east to the Clinton Presidential Library and west to Two Rivers Park. The latter is a recreational highlight of the route; the park's 1,000-acre expanse offers wooded wetlands and open fields to explore on foot, by bike, or on horseback. Trail goers reach the park by crossing the beautiful Two Rivers Park Bridge.

Three other bridges are part of the trail, most notably the Big Dam Bridge, which rises 90 feet above the Arkansas River. Spanning 4,226 feet, it is the longest pedestrian bridge in North America that has not been previously used by trains or motor vehicles.

The other river crossings include two former railroad bridges converted for pedestrian use: the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge (which spans 1,600 feet and overlooks lush wetlands) and Junction Bridge, dating back to the late 1800s and spanning 360 feet.

On the north shore, Burns Park is undoubtedly a highlight. It covers 1,700 acres and includes a historical log cabin, covered bridge, fishing pier, campgrounds, a 36-hole golf course and disc golf course, athletic facilities, and even a seasonal amusement park.

Note that portions of the southern bank segment are under construction, with temporary detours and a few on-road sections. From Two Rivers Park, there are also plans to construct another 12+ miles of trail to Pinnacle Mountain State Park, connecting to the 225-mile Ouachita Wilderness Trail.

Parking and Trail Access

You can access the Arkansas River Trail in several places, including Cooks Landing, Burns Park's soccer complex and boat ramp, Riverview Park, North Little Rock Riverfront Park and Little Rock Riverfront Park (fee for vehicles), the Junior Deputy Baseball Complex, Rebsamen Park, Murray Park and River Mountain Park.


Weekly Inline Speed Skating 20+ Miles

   July, 2016 by jester5203

This trail offers many obstacles from climbing the Big Dam Bridge to following the open roads in a few locations. There is little to no timely cleaning of the trail that leads to lots of spotty areas to dodge carefully. The changes in scenery are pretty more

My Home Trail

   May, 2016 by weaverdennisl

This is a great trail! It is not under water or blocked in any way, is is well maintained. I ride on both sides of the river and have found many ways to change this trail up so as not get boring as I try to ride on it everyday on the way home after work more

River Trail update

   July, 2015 by walleye junior

As of July 8th the trail loop is NOW open, although one section is still under water. There is a detour that still gives a beautiful ride and adds about a half a mile to the loop. There are detours as you get to downtown NLR and LR due to the demolition more