Ashton-Tetonia Trail

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The Ashton-Tetonia Trail officially opened in 2010 and extends nearly 30 miles between the towns of Ashton and Tetonia, Idaho. The trail occupies an abandoned rail spur once operated by Union Pacific (the Oregon Short Line). The trail includes five bridges and restored rail trestles. The gravel trail is managed by State of Idaho Parks and Recreation and is open to snowmobiles in winter when there is enough snow to groom the trail.

Mountain bikers and hikers might want to go from Ashton to Tetonia so that you can enjoy views of the Teton Moutains; however, this is slighly uphill (only 800 feet elevation gain over the course of the trail).

There's a 1.4-mile detour off the main rail line in the France-Drummond area in Fremont County to skirt private property where access has been denied. Take County Road 4400 E. (gravel road at Rt. 32) north to County 700 N. (2-track dirt) then head west to pick up the trail again. Note the snowmobile route takes a different detour in the Drummond-France area than non-motorized users.

Parking and Trail Access

While property ownership issues are being resolved in Ashton to build a trailhead, there is temporary trailhead parking farther east at Marysville. There is a parking lot at the trailhead in Tetonia.


Need the proper equipment!

   July, 2016 by mamory

My dad and I rode this trail starting at Ashton. He rides a comfort bike and I'm on a hybrid. I loved the views, but I pretty much hated the trail surface. I'm not a fan of mountain biking and that was part of my problem! It was widely variable with lots more

What a fun trip

   October, 2015 by calvinator101

Went with my wife and 14yr son from Tetonia to Ashton. Took about 5 hours. Started about 130p and finished before 7p. It was fun and will do it again. We choose the Tetonia to Ashton direction because it's had a net downhill grade. Glad we did because more

Peace and Tranquility

   August, 2015 by markidale

I rode this trail from Ashton towards Tetonia on a HOT July day. Although I started before 9am the temperature was near triple digits by noon. Despite the heat, which necessitated turning around about halfway, this was a lovely ride. You can't beat the more