Bass River Recreation Area

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Bass River Recreation Area is an 1,100 acre site in central Ottawa County. There are two trail loops, one entirely on the south side of the road and one starting on the north side and ending on the south side.

The south loop is very tight, requiring good bike handling skills. Entirely single track, there are almost no straight areas where higher speeds can be attained. There are some mounds of sand (not higher than 6 feet) with descents that require care due to turns and loose sand. The entire trail is in dense woods; approximate length of trail is 3-4 miles. Tight turns, narrow gaps between trees, and sand mounds make this trail slightly more difficult than easy for inexperienced riders, but it is challenging and fun to ride.

The north loop is also 3 to 4 miles in length. Single track most of the way, it starts on an open double track for just a short distance before switching to single track and emerging into dense woods for the rest of the way. There is one area where the pines are so thick that no vegetation grows under the pines. This loop is much straighter than the south loop and has many stretches where higher speeds can be attained. This course is rated easy, but enjoyable to ride just to be in the woods.

These trails are maintained in part by volunteers of the Michigan Mountain Biking Association (MMBA).

Parking and Trail Access

From US-31, go east on Lake Michigan Drive (M-45) for 7 miles to 104th Avenue, go north on 104th for 3.4 miles and look for a gravel road on the east side of 104th. Please observe the sign that says "No Motor Vehicles Beyond this point" and be sure to park off to the side of the road to the west of it.