Bear Creek Greenway

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The Bear Creek Greenway is an 18.5-mile paved multi-use trail that travels through creek-side woods and natural areas, connecting five communities and eight parks along its course. The main portion of the trail runs for 17.5 miles from Central Point, through the heart of Medford, to Ashland. A 1-mile section of trail recently opened north of the Jackson County Expo/Fairgrounds. Plans are in the works to join the disconnected trail segments with a path through the Expo property in the near future.

The greenway provides a serene place to exercise, bird watch or simply enjoy a quiet escape to nature. Benches located along the trail offer a place to sit and relax. Walkers, joggers, bicyclists, skaters and wheelchair users are all welcome, and horses are allowed on designated portions in Central Point and Talent.

The trail is louder in some places where it follows Interstate 5 and State Route 99. Some of the notable parks along the route include Bear Creek Park and U.S. Cellular Park in Medford and a popular dog park just north of the southern terminus in Ashland.

Parking and Trail Access

There are many places to access the Bear Creek Greenway. In Ashland, take Exit 19 from I-5 and turn south on Valley View Road towards Ashland. Go left on Eagle Mill Road; there is a trailhead near the corner of Eagle Mill and Valley View. In Talent, access the trail from Lynn Newbry Park, just off of I-5 (Exit 21) towards Talent. In Phoenix, access the trail from Blue Heron Park, located on the south end of town, just east of Oak Street and SR 99.

In Medford, access the trail from U.S. Cellular Park, Bear Creek Park, Hawthorne Park or Railroad Park. In Central Point, the trail can be accessed just off of I-5 via Exit 33. Go east on Pine Street, then north (left) on Peninger Road. There is a parking area immediately on the right at the corner of Pine and Peninger.


Bear Creek Greenway

   May, 2014 by hazelleo

One of the best leisure rides with wildlife, creeks and shops to refresh along the way. However it's best to avoid the trail from medford south to central point (too many bums/druggies hang out around there), but medford to Ashland is sublime. I've been more

Ignore the negative review

   April, 2014 by susan.nunes.5

The Greenway has since had major work done on it; there are only about two rough spots on the path near the Phoenix portion. The rest is as smooth as glass. This is a great cycling trail especially if you don't want to deal with traffic during the weekdays more

Bear Creek Greenway

   August, 2012 by sharonbaron

I rode a portion of this trail today and was apprehensive from reading the reviews but would like to share what I experienced today. I rode to Phoenix from Ashland and had a very nice ride. The trail was not bad really. The few spots that were mark we're more