Bear Creek Trail (Denver)

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The Bear Creek Trail provides a taste of the country in the city, connecting downtown Denver with the foothills of the Rockies. Along the way, enjoy scenic views of woodlands, meadows and Bear Creek, as well as the urban beauty of the Denver skyline.

The trail's western end offers tree-lined landscapes through Bear Creek Lake Park, Bear Creek Greenbelt and Bear Valley Park, while its eastern end provides a connection to shopping centers and commercial areas. Note that the path includes a variety of different surface types, from dirt and gravel to asphalt and concrete, including some single-tracking. To continue the journey, trail-goers can connect to the Platte River Trail in Denver.

Parking and Trail Access

To start this trail on the west end, you can park on Morrison Road or one of the parking lots in downtown Morrison. Look for signs telling you the parking regulations as they vary greatly in different locations. The trail parallels Morrison Road, running between the street and the creek. There are some fairly visible signs directing you to the trail.

The best place to begin the trail in Denver is at Confluence Park where Cherry Creek runs into the Platte River. From there, you ride/hike south on the Platte River Trail until you cross a bridge over the Platte River. At this point, look for a sign directing you west toward the Bear Creek Trail.


Variety of Scenery

   August, 2015 by ajw

Starting at the intersection with the Mary Carter/Platte trail at the east end, we headed west. The east section is narrow with sharp turns in spots. It is asphalt, shaded and mostly flat. It passes behind many shopping areas. The middle section around more

Great trail for wheelchairs / powerChairs !

   August, 2015 by steph_tl

I used to mtn bike many sections of this trail out in Lakewood/Morrison around the lakes , all the way to downtown when it intersects with the Platte River trail. Now with ALS and using my powerChair this trail remains one of the most accessible on more

pretty good

   August, 2014 by wanderlust61488

Good for biking and has wide open spaces. Be sure to beat traffic from Red Rock. read more