Bellingham Interurban Trail

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The Interurban Trail links the Fairhaven section of Bellingham with Larrabee State Park to the south. The mixed-surface trail follows an old railway corridor on a mostly level grade, except for one steep section through Arroyo Park. The route is primarily shaded although you do get views of the water and the San Juan Islands.

From the north, begin your journey at Fairhaven Park near Donovan and 10th. (If you head west from this point, you can take the Larrabee Trail to Bellingham Marine Park.) Heading south, however, on the Interurban, you'll wind your way through suburban back yards and city parks as well as around Chuckanut Mountain. The trail gets closer to the bay near Teddy Bear Cove, paralleling SR 11 all the way to Larrabee State Park.

Parking and Trail Access

You can park at Larrabee State Park (fees apply) at the southern end point at the end of Fragrance Lake Road. Parking is available at Arroya Park off SR 11 near California Street and in Fairhaven Park at the end of 26th Street. At the northern end, park off SR 11 just west of 20th Street.


August 2010

   March, 2013 by rtshap

One of my five bike tours in Bellingham area in one week. From Western Wash. Univ, biked to Fairhaven and then on Interurban Bike Trail south. I was a bit confused with Arroyo Park, where the track is dirt, so I continued on the road and then returned more

B ham Interurban Trail

   May, 2010 by 5797@main

I have biked this trail several times with a cruiser style and a mountain bike. The gearing on the Mtn Bike made the ride a cinch but was doable on the cruiser. Just above a beginner ride but worth the effort if you are just starting out. Park at Clayton more

Riding the Bellingham Interurban Trail

   August, 2009 by trailbear

THE BELLINGHAM INTERURBAN TRAIL 8/12/2009 SYNOPSIS: An interesting forest ride on a variety of surfaces. Some views. Arroyo Park Crossing is a challenge where they work around a missing 500’ trestle, but you can do a short on-road detour and get more