Bethpage Bikeway

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The Bethpage Bikeway is one of Long Island's most popular trails. It connects Merrick Road in Massapequa with Bethpage State Park, and includes additional trail north to Trail View State Park in Woodbury. There are a few parkway exit crossings and a few moderately busy street crossings but safe for families with kids. All crossings are clearly marked, and drivers are generally courteous and alert.

A major road crossing at Sunrise Highway, near the trail's southern end, has a stop light and crossing lane for safety.

Parking and Trail Access

Take Route 135 to the Bethpage State Park exit and enter where you see signs for the picnic grounds. Note that there's a parking fee during the season. Ask anyone in the parking lot at Bethpage Park where the paved trail begins.

There is also a large parking lot at the Long Island Railroad station with direct access to trail. No fees.


mix of off and on path

   July, 2016 by joefsny

great scenic ride cam take off road trails also that follow the paved trail great place great ride read more

A near perfect place

   October, 2015 by onetaffy

I find this trail amazing. The southern half traces a creek dotted with lakes while the northern part is a bit more open, slightly less wooded and scenic, but great all the same. Yes, there are a few bumps in the south, but nothing even a road bike can't more

Bethpage Bike Trail

   August, 2015 by nickx281

Love this trail. It's kind of like a world within itself and away from the daily routine. Sort of like a mini-vacation when I walk or ride my bike there. Birds, turtles, rabbits, chipmunks, fish, and more. Just a nice place to be. read more