Bethpage Bikeway

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The Bethpage Bikeway is one of Long Island's most popular trails. It connects Merrick Road in Massapequa with Bethpage State Park, and includes additional trail north to Trail View State Park in Woodbury. There are a few parkway exit crossings and a few moderately busy street crossings but safe for families with kids. All crossings are clearly marked, and drivers are generally courteous and alert.

A major road crossing at Sunrise Highway, near the trail's southern end, has a stop light and crossing lane for safety.

Parking and Trail Access

Take Route 135 to the Bethpage State Park exit and enter where you see signs for the picnic grounds. Note that there's a parking fee during the season. Ask anyone in the parking lot at Bethpage Park where the paved trail begins.

There is also a large parking lot at the Long Island Railroad station with direct access to trail. No fees.



   October, 2014 by shezkrafty

Just did the south side start (NO Parking lot?) at Merrick Road of this trail today and OH MY WRISTS! From Merrick Rd to Sunrise is loaded with ROOTS breaking the pavement. I do love the scenic ride along the preserve, the lake and through to Bethpage more

Tale of 2 Trails

   October, 2014 by scibek

from the southern border (it's marked) of bethpage state park on northward to the trails terminus (2 or so miles past old country road and well north of what the map here indicates) it's wide and smooth and pretty. south of that, at least to plitt ave more

Wide trails

   September, 2014 by jimair1

I travel a lot for business and always take my running gear with me. I found this trail within a 1/2 mail of my hotel. It is wider than most asphalt trails and was in excellent shape. There is even a portion of the trail that is marked in 1/10 miles. more