Big Papio Trail

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Omaha's Big Papio Trail follows the route of Big Papillion Creek from southern Omaha to the city's northwestern corner. The paved trail begins along the creek at Harrison Street in Seymour Smith Park, where it meets the longer Keystone Trail. In the park, enjoy a game of softball, soccer, disc golf, tennis or trap shooting.

The trail passes dense residential development along its route, as well as some industrial properties. Near its midpoint, the trail winds through three country clubs. The trail ends in the north in an open field at Hefflinger Park, which opened in 2006 and contains a popular dog park.

Big Papillion Creek—often referred to as Papio Creek by locals—runs north for several miles beyond the trail's current endpoint in Hefflinger Park. Future plans call for the extension of the Big Papio Trail to Bennington Lake and Prairie View Recreation Area, closer to the creek's origin.

Parking and Trail Access

The Big Papio Trail can be accessed via numerous side streets and city parks along its route. Parking can be found at Seymour Smith Park off Harrison Street, at Towel Park off W. Center Road, or at Hefflinger Park off W. Maple Road.