Black Creek Nature Trail

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The Black Creek Nature Trail begins at the Davison Township Municipal Center and winds its way to the trail system in the City of Davison’s Jack Abernathy Regional Park. Travelers on the trail will enjoy the tree-lined, 1.6-mile route along the Black Creek to the 138-acre park.

The trail, which connects the township and city, is a significant part of the area’s efforts to encourage a healthy, active community. In 2011, the Davison Arch was erected where the township and city meet on the trail as a monument to this joint effort.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking for the Black Creek Nature Trail is available in Jack Abernathy Regional Park on Frank Boyce Parkway in the City of Davison. Additional parking can be found at a trailhead where the trail meets Gale Road in Davison Township.


hidden treasure

   June, 2013 by jcourte

I moved to the Davison area a year ago and just found out about the trail. My son was visiting from California and found it walking from our residence. I have ridden the trail on two occasions since and I find it delightful. It is well maintained, has more

Dog Run

   April, 2011 by pintwister

I have ridden this trail many times. It has the potential of being a very good bike trail, but residents have turned this beautiful trail into a dog run. It is almost impossible to have a pleasurable ride without having to ride off the trail to avoid more


   February, 2011 by pmiller/davtwp

Though this trail is still being added to and improved, it remains one of the areas best kept secrets. Even though it is only 1.6 miles in length, it traverses through senic areas and has an abundance of bird and wildlife along it's course. It also connects more