Black River Trail

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The Black River Trail follows part of an abandoned segment corridor of the NY Central Railroad. The trail runs for 3.5 miles between the village of Black River and Watertown, following along the south bank of the scenic river, where you'll see two power dams.

To extend this trail about 0.75 mile, head right out of the parking lot along Route 3, then turn left onto Remington Street, then left at the stop sign, and at the bottom of the hill (before crossing the bridge) turn right to Poors Island. Around this island are many dams and old mill structures—paper mills from the turn of the century. Orion Power has converted one of these structures into a covered picnic site on the northeast side of the island. There is a dirt trail on the island's south side and a gravel road on the north side.

Note, there is another Black River Trail that runs north–sourth along the western edge of the Adirondack Mountains.

Parking and Trail Access

From Watertown, take State Route 3/Eastern Blvd. to Huntington Street and turn right. After the bend the road name changes to Ridge Road. Just where the road begins to hug the river, turn right into a small parking lot. The trail begins on the other side of the road.

From Black River, take Main Street south to SR 3/S. Rutland Street; turn right. Just before you reach the bridge, turn left into the parking lot. The trail begins at the end of the parking lot.


a popular and beautiful trail

   September, 2015 by profmom

This is a heavily used trail, with lots of dog-walkers, cyclists, joggers, and some skaters. It is beautiful and well maintained, with good fishing spots at both ends. The Black River end has lots of places to walk down to the river and fish or picnic more

Black River Trail

   February, 2011 by jaxterh

This is good to know about. I'm up in Watertown twice a year and didn't know this existed. I'll check it out in May while I'm there and give a review. Sound like a great trail. read more

D. Larrabee 2/9/11

   February, 2011 by evad

The trail is now completed, being paved between both parking lots. It's nice to see so many people who would not have left their home if it were not for this great trail. Those with dogs have done and excellent job being sure their pet doesn't deposit more