Blackwater Canyon Trail

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In 1888, the Blackwater Canyon Trail, located in the Monongahela National Forest, was used to haul coal and lumber through this stunning canyon. Today, remnants of this history still remain just outside of Thomas in the form of coke ovens that line the trail along the mountainside.

The Blackwater Canyon Trail is perfect for hikers or mountain bikers in search of solitude. The trail curves along the Blackwater River and its North Branch, meandering through Blackwater Falls State Park. As such, this is a terrifically scenic pathway, with mountains lining both sides of the canyon, and the roaring river a steady soundtrack to your journey. Best views of the river, including scenic waterfalls, are to be enjoyed during late fall, winter and early spring, when the trees don't have as many leaves.

It is best to follow this trail from Thomas to Hendricks since there is a considerable climb in the other direction. As you travel along the Blackwater Canyon Trail, you may happen upon one of several endangered species, including the West Virginia flying squirrel, Indiana bat or the Cheat Mountain salamander. The habitat surrounding the trail is vital to the survival of these species, so it is important to stay on the trail. In Hendricks, it is also possible to pick up the Allegheny Highlands Trail and Limerock Trail (hiking only).

Parking and Trail Access

In Thomas, head south on State Route 32 (Spruce Street). Turn right onto Douglas Road, which crosses the trail. Turn left off Douglas Road onto the trail (you can drive on this portion) to reach the trailhead, approximately 1 mile down the road. The trailhead, where there is space for parking, is marked by a Forest Service gate.

In Hendricks, take State Route 72 east through town and turn right on Second Street. The trailhead is on the right. Look for the gazebo and parking at the trailhead.


Wet ride

   November, 2014 by amphibo

Rode the trail in early November after a great deal of rain had fallen. The trail which turns into single track after the trail heads was leaf covered and wet. Since I'd never ridden it before I spent most of the downhill trip to Hendricks covering the more

Blackwater Canyon Trail

   September, 2014 by silverstreak

I rode this trail with two friends in late September 2014. We began at the Thomas end of the trail. 36 degrees at the start of the ride! This trail is more on the primitive end of the rail trail scale, but don't let that dissuade you! With a little work more

Great Trail

   June, 2014 by redline814

After reading online comments, I was expecting this trail to be filled with obstacles. Not the case at all. The trail is clearly not maintained like most rail-trails. But, all sections are easily passable by foot or bike. I was on a cyclocross bike more