Boise River Greenbelt

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The Boise River Greenbelt follows its namesake river among towering trees, connecting downtown Boise with neighborhoods and the business district. Leading out of the city both north and south, the trail connects suburbs with parks and the Lucky Peak State Recreation Area. The 22-mile trail is one of the area's most popular for its scenic views, wildlife and access to popular parks and recreation sites. In addition it provides a non-motorized corridor for commuters and passes by the university campus.

Most of the trail is paved except for a 1.5-mile section from Barber Park downstream.

Parking and Trail Access

Access the Boise River Greenbelt from numerous places, including the following parks:
Ann Morrison Park
Riverside Park
Baggley Park
Shoreline Park
Bernardine Quinn
Veterans Memorial Park
Riverside Park
Warm Springs Park
Bown Crossing
Willow Lane
Julia Davis Park Athletic Complex
Municipal Park



   December, 2013 by dmikeh

This is an amazing running, walking, cycling trail along the Boise River near downtown Boise, ID. If you are coming to Boise, bring your exercise gear. There are also plenty of mountainous (off road) running, hiking, mountain bike trails close to the more

Boise Gem in the "Gem State"

   April, 2012 by etfan

Idaho is known as the Gem State and this trail is a real jewel. I would rename this one the “Emerald Trail” because a good portion of the trail is lined with massive deciduous trees (think very green) which, along with the Boise River, actually cools more

Good views of the river

   February, 2007 by ggwbikemt

"This trail is actually longer that 12 miles. It is closer to 20 miles. The trail extends from a mile west of the Western Idaho Fairgrounds in Garden City to Lucky Peak State Park east of Boise. Sections of this trail have tree root damage, especially more