Buffalo Valley Rail Trail

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As of autumn 2011, 9 miles of the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail are complete. The trail runs between Lewisburg and Mifflinburg, and interpretive signs relate the region's history. The trail is mostly paved at both ends but the middle section has a gravel surface. Lewisburg is home to Bucknell University and supports a vibrant and quaint downtown area, with eateries, bike shops and other boutique retail popular with trail users.

The trail had a quick start thanks to the support of the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, who awarded a matching grant for the acquisition of the 60-foot-wide abandoned corridor and an additional $3.7 million in federal monies made available through the Federal Highway Transportation Enhancements Program. These grants, along with contributions from local citizens and Union County, have made the Buffalo Valley Trail a reality for all to appreciate.

Plans call for continuing the trail across the Susquehanna River along the trestle into Montandon.

Parking and Trail Access

To access the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail, you can park at the Community Park in Mifflinburg along N. 5th Street between Hickory and Thompson streets.


Well maintained and not taxing

   April, 2015 by peterm2413

This is not the most scenic trail as it basically parallels Route 45 through farmland. We rode this trail in mid-April, before the farm crops sprouted. I imagine it would be more protected and secluded once the corn is high. The elevation change is almost ...read more

Very nice and well kept trail

   April, 2015 by bpatch

NIce and even trail. good workout going away from Lewisburg; especially if it's windy! nice ride coming back. would absolutely ride it again. read more

Nice and Easy Workout

   October, 2014 by timgelvin

A nice and steady incline from Lewisburg to Mifflinburg that will give your legs or in my case arms an awesome workout. The return trip is just as awesome as you're going down hill. read more