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The Cal-Sag Trail (or, Calumet-Sag Trail) is currently under active construction. As of August 2015, it has a competed section of about 10 miles, stretching from near its eventual western terminus to Ridgeland Avenue in the east. When completed, the trail will stretch some 26 miles, mostly along the Cal-Sag Channel and Little Calumet River. It will connect several communities and other trails, and provide access to several forest preserves and natural areas.

Near its present western endpoint at the Sagawau Environmental Learning Center, the trail passes through the Sag Quarries Nature Preserve, where old stone quarries have been converted to lakes for birding, fishing and hiking. From there eastward, the trail is rather flat as it passes cleared expanses of forest land now landscaped with natural grasses and wildflowers.

On eastward, beyond the cutoff to Teason's Woods, the trail becomes more hilly and densely tree-lined, all the way to just east of the 86th Avenue parking area. There it comes away from the woods to run alongside Calumet Sag Road, all the way to Southwest Highway. For about two blocks the trail continues alongside the highway without crossing it, though some trail-goers may want to cross to one of the businesses there to get refreshment or food.

From highway to woods again, the trail rejoins its fundamental alignment next to the Channel. It goes under another roadway and a railroad bridge, before breaking onto a quiet city street around the beautiful Lake Katherine area. From there it's back to wooded trailway all the way to the end at Ridgeland Avenue.

Parking and Trail Access

There is parking on the completed trail at these four locations:

  • Sag Quarries, just west of Camp Sagawau near Lemont
  • Teason's Woods, 104th Ave south of IL-83, Palos Park
  • 86th Ave & IL-83, Palos Park
  • Lake Katherine, Palos Heights

Lake Katherine is the only area with restrooms and drinking fountains, as well.


Facinating & visually stunning trail

   August, 2015 by bikeman102

I inspected the entrance to the trail in Alsip on Sunday & came back for a ride on Monday. Found the trail to be very intriguing and beautiful. Hills weren't too steep but longer than the ones I'd been on. Only went 5 miles in and back out but got a good more

“Best New Chicago Trail..

   August, 2015 by wilhelmggw

..that's not the Bloomingdale.” That's what one writer called the Cal-Sag Trail. But let's just leave that last part off. Both of them are great new trails; but they're so different, it's pointless to make comparisons. The Cal-Sag is a great, classic more

Nice mix of sunshine and tree-protected trails

   August, 2015 by carolyn555

I parked at Teason Woods at 104th and Rt 83 and after crossing the intersection, I found a trail that was well-marked and did not require crossing any more streets--until one goes east toward Alsip and a couple small streets need to be crossed. I looped more