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The Carpendale Trail straddles the North Branch of the Potomac River between Carpendale in West Virginia and Cumberland in Maryland. The wooden bridge spanning 386 feet across the river is a highlight, as is the 1,500-foot-long tunnel through Knobley Mountain.

Although the Carpendale Trail is less than a mile long, easy connections can be made to two much longer trails. On the trail’s east end, it directly connects with the C&O Canal Towpath (near mile marker 183), which stretches nearly 185 southeast to Washington, DC. In Cumberland, the C&O Trail also in turn connects to the famed Great Allegheny Passage, heading 150 miles northwest to Pittsburgh.

Parking and Trail Access

Take I-68 to Cumberland, Maryland; use Exit 42 to Ridgeley, West Virginia.


Short n sweet

   February, 2015 by jerkybill2

This small trail connects the small town of Carpendale with the Co Canal barely a me from the Cumberland terminus. The tunnel is well lit. Good for bike and hike. The con- very Small parking area. read more