Catonsville Short Line Trail

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When complete the Catonsville Short Line Trail will follow a 2.5-mile segment of the former Catonsville Short Line Railroad, which ran from Charlestown to Catonsville. As of 2013, the trail runs between Shady Nook Avenue and Charlestown Retirement Community on the east side of the Baltimore Beltway, a distance of 1 mile.

West of the Beltway, a 0.5-mile section of trail has also been cleared around Mellor Avenue across from the Catonsville Armory. Plans call for more clearing, as well as improving the trail surface of both sections in addition to linking the two sections. Take care when crossing the streets because there are no pedestrian crossings.

Parking and Trail Access

Access the Catonsville Short Line Trail at Maiden Choice Lane, Paradise at South Prospect and Shady Nook Avenue.


Nice Short Cut

   July, 2016 by 2wheelcommuter

When commuting from Baltimore to my home in Catonsville, I use this trail regularly as a short cut. Maiden Choice Lane is a steep grade to climb on a bicycle. I use this trail which is a lot easier to pedal - and don't have to climb the rest of Maiden more