Chain O' Lakes Bike Path

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The Chain O' Lakes Bike Path is a paved trail that runs between E. Grand Avenue in Fox Lake and Grant Woods Forest Preserve to the east. The trail parallels the railroad track and Rollins Road/CR 31, passing by the Ingleside Metra station before heading notheast toward Grant Woods. Here it meets with the Grant Woods Bike Path, a 6-mile unpaved route through prairie, woodlands, and marshes.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking is available at the north end of the trail along Rollins Road and at Grant Woods Forest Preserve off County 55 and Grand Avenue/Rt. 132, both east of Fox Lake Road. For information on parking at the Metra stations (Ingleside and Fox Lake), visit


Glorified sidewalk

   May, 2013 by tmok gurzi

Did this trail last Sunday. It was a designated walk...little more than a sidewalk crammed between a busy road and a train track. Some portions were essentially a wider shoulder of the road. I'm glad I did it. I've never been to that area before and more

typical urban paved bike path

   May, 2012 by ilbob

I have driven along this path many times going down Rollins Road when we go to visit my wife's relatives that live in the area. It is not a scenic path. Going from the western terminus is a train parking area, a train station, a sewer plant, a concrete more

Chain O'Lakes Trail

   September, 2010 by brthompson

I should note that the trail continues through the Grant Woods Forest Preserve, but this section of the trail is unpaved but in very good condition. read more