Charlie Major Nature Trail

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The Charlie Major Nature Trail follows an abandoned right-of-way that once carried trains along the old Skaneateles Short Line Railroad. The railroad served millworks in the area, including paper mills, grist mills, distilleries, and woodworking mills, which were powered by Skaneateles Creek.

The trail runs for just longer than 1 mile between Mill Road just north of Old Seneca Turnpike and Crow Hill Road in Mottville. The pretty little trail crosses the creek via three wooden bridges and meanders through a forested corridor. Along the way you'll see remains of the railroad, dams, and millworks buildings.

Near the Crow Hill Road bridge on the Mottville end is a nice place to have a picnic along the creek. There is also a playground at the Mottville trailhead.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking is available at both ends: in Mottville at Crow Hill Road and Frost Street; north of Skaneateles around 4144 Mill Road (Old Seneca Turnpike).


Handcapped can use this trail

   September, 2016 by gpaul1

First of all, I am very handicapped. I cannot stand and I cannot walk but I love to go outside and see nature. I use a scooter to get around. The scooter is light weight because we transport the scooter by car.The shooter is not that sturdy so the ground more

Dirt trail, not well signed on the south

   October, 2015 by RussNelson The Charlie Major Nature Trail is not a terribly long rail-trail, but it has plenty of history (ruins) to be appreciated, along with three railroad bridges, several dams, and a pretty creek. Rode more

   August, 2014 by yllek30

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