Cheshire Rail Trail (Cheshire Branch Rail Trail)

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The Cheshire Rail Trail stretches for nearly 33 miles between Route 12 near Bookseller Road and the New Hampshire–Massachusetts state line at Route 12. In Keene, the trail includes a beautiful stone arch bridge over the Ashuelot River. There is a break in the trail through the town of Keene, and heading north, you can pick up the trail again at Island Street. The trail is used by hikers, mountain bikers (road bikes would have a tough time), snowmobilers, cross-country skiers and equestrians. In addition, you might see dog sleds in winter.

The trail travels through some beautiful New Hampshire scenery, including Rockwood Pond, a nice place to swim in summer. It also passes through some charming towns, such as Troy, where you'll find an old railroad depot, and Fitzwilliam, where you'll find the Depot General Store in Fitzwilliam Village.

Parking and Trail Access

Near the southern end of the trail, parking is available in the town of Fitzwilliam across from the State Line Store on Route 12.


With its location, this could be a great trail

   September, 2012 by khrysinwythe

I rode this trail on Tuesday, Sept. 11. I had difficulty finding the trail head at the state line. When I finally did. a neighbor said it was in rough shape and was mainly used by snowmobilers. In Fitzwilliam, I got some information at the police station. more

Cheshire Rail Trail North (north from Whitcomb's Mill Rd. trail head)

   September, 2010 by jamisrider

Heading north from Whitcomb's Mill Rd., the surface is fairly smooth crushed stone/gravel and slightly uphill. At about 1.1 mi., the trail takes a detour off the former rail bed onto a very rough, rocky path in order to cross Hurricane Rd. (Apparently, more

Good trail

   September, 2010 by skywalker

I biked the Cheshire North Branch trail the past week. It was a pleasant ride I must say. This was my first biking on a non-asphalted surface. I enjoyed it. The experience was very different from biking on the road.The views were nice. I particulary more