Cloister Walk

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The Cloister Walk offers just over 2 miles of paved pathway along the northwestern coast of Morro Bay. You'll enjoy views of the ocean and sandy dunes, which you can access at many points along the way.

Start at Azure Street and travel south a short distance to Cloisters Community Park, which features a pond and wetlands that attract a number of birds and other wildlife. Learn about the habitat on the interpretive signs that dot the pathway.

At the park's southwestern corner, the trail splits. Continue going south if you're feeling adventurous; this spur will end at the beach, where you can get off the trail and walk through the sand down to the city's most well-known landmark, Morro Rock. Rising more than 500 feet out of the water, it is referred to as the "Gibraltar of the Pacific."

Take the other fork and you'll head east, then south towards downtown. It runs behind Morro Bay High School and ends shortly after passing the Morro Bay Power Plant.

Trail-goers should note that the trail is currently unsigned.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking is available at the northern trailhead on Azure Street and at Cloisters Community Park off Coral Avenue.


TRAILBEAR IN THE DUNES - The Cloisters Trail

   November, 2011 by trailbear

There are two bike trails in Morro Bay and this is one of them. It comes in two parts, anchored by the Cloisters Park. The Cloisters Trail is a little community trail. The name commemorates the Cloisters Inn that was on this site from 1925 to 1945. You more