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The Coastal Rail Trail will one day run 44 miles from Oceanside to San Diego along the Coaster commuter rail. Today, short sections of the trail are coming together, with four disconnected stretches in Oceanside, Carlsbad and Solana Beach currently open for use.

In Oceanside, two trail segments allow for non-motorized travel through the city's dense downtown. From near the Oceanside Transportation Center at Tyson Street to Oceanside Boulevard, the paved trail runs on the west side of the train tracks. Two blocks west of the north end lies Tyson Street Park, which offers an ocean beach and a large grassy area perfect for picnicking. A second paved segment south of Loma Alta Creek runs from Morse Street to Vista Way, with a crossing of the active train tracks required at Cassidy Street (adjacent to Lions Club Park).

In Carlsbad, another short segment spans the distance between Oak Avenue and Tamarack Avenue on the east side of the Coaster tracks. Plans are in the works to extend the trail southward.

In Solana Beach, the Coastal Rail Trail meanders between Highway 101 and the Coaster line from Ocean Street in the north to Via de la Valle in the south. The trail passes through a landscaped area and features public art along the busy corridor. It provides direct access to the Solana Beach Transit Center as well as dozens of restaurants and shops in the city's downtown. The beach itself can be accessed from Plaza Street near the center of this trail segment.

Parking and Trail Access

Because the Coastal Rail Trail passes through dense downtown parts of Oceanside, Carlsbad and Solana Beach, parking is generally limited to metered on-street spaces adjacent to the trail. Be sure to obey any time limits and other posted restrictions.


The Higher Rail Trail

   October, 2015 by noeljkelller

A fine Trail for the relaxed cyclist that enjoys the both Nature & Man made Environment. It provides two street and three bridge track crossings. Many bike shops on Coast side of 101. Noel Keller 23 Oct 15. read more

good for pedestrians, conditionally useful for some bicycle trips

   April, 2015 by john.eldon.5

I have used this trail on several occasions, as a bicyclist and as a pedestrian. When bicycling northbound, I always choose the far more satisfactory Class II bike lane on the coast highway. When bicycling southbound I use the bike lane and sharrows more


   January, 2015 by lisa.trusler.31

G read more