Columbia River Heritage Trail

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The Columbia River Heritage Trail parallels the scenic waterway in the rural community of Boardman in northeastern Oregon. The trail's 3-mile off-road portion is described here, though trail-goers can extend their journey another 9 miles by taking on-road bike lanes and routes into town and to nearby Irrigon. Future plans include expanding the trail east to Umatilla and west to Gilliam County, for a total of 25 miles.

A nice place to begin your journey is Boardman Marina Park on the trail's western end, where you can find parking, restrooms, picnic tables and athletic fields. As you continue east, you'll pass Sail Board Beach, a great place to stop and look for pelicans, herons and egrets near the river. Birdwatchers may also want to visit nearby Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge, whose wetlands, woodlands and other natural areas are critical habitats for many types of birds.

Next, you'll arrive at the trail's most unique landmark: the Captain Al James Tug, a historic boat that is permanently dry-docked. From there, a short loop takes you by the Port of Morrow Agri-Business Complex and then back to the tugboat for your return journey.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking can be found at Boardman Marina Park (#1 West Marina Drive) and at the Captain Al James Tug Monument, off Marine Drive NE.


TRAILBEAR ON THE COLUMBIA – The Columbia River Heritage Trail

   November, 2011 by trailbear

9. 2011 Whodathunkit? TrailBear in Boardman? Where is that? TrailBear had never heard of Boardman, OR – and he has lived many years in the NorthWet. That was until, researching bike trails that TrailLink had not discovered, he found a reference. more