Crystal Springs Regional Trail

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The Crystal Springs Regional Trail is a developing network made up of three distinct portions: the San Andreas segment, Sawyer Camp segment and Crystal Springs segment. The two northern segments are wide, flat, paved trails winding around the eastern shore of San Andreas Lake and the Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir, while the southern segment is a skinnier dirt trail that follows Cañada Road and the Upper Crystal Springs Reservoir and is limited to hikers, joggers and equestrian users only.

The San Andreas segment extends from San Bruno Avenue on the north to Hillcrest Boulevard near the southern end of San Andreas Lake, where it seamlessly connects to the Sawyer Camp segment. The southern 0.7 mile of the San Andreas segment has a gravel surface that is not open to bicycles; cyclists must instead detour to the frontage road (Skyline Boulevard) east of Interstate 280 to bridge the small gap.

Both the San Andreas and Sawyer Camp segments pass close to San Andreas Lake, offering sweeping scenic views. Continue on the Sawyer Camp segment for additional stunning views of the Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir. The trail is historic, too: it follows the path of the old wagon route that was once the main travel lane between Half Moon Bay and San Francisco. Due equally to its jaw-dropping scenery and fascinating history, this portion of the Crystal Springs Regional Trail is by far the most popular trail in San Mateo County's park system.

After a short gap, the Crystal Springs segment begins near the junction of Half Moon Bay Road (State Route 92) and I-280. Less scenic than the two northern trail options, the route is still a convenient option for hikers and equestrian users to add on trail mileage or to access Huddart Park at the trail's southern end.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking for the San Andreas segment can be found along Skyline Boulevard (State Route 35) near John Muir Elementary School. For the Sawyer Camp segment, park at the trailhead located at the intersection of Crystal Springs Road and Skyline Boulevard (SR 35). Parking for the Crystal Springs segment is available at the trail's northern endpoint at the intersection of Half Moon Bay Road (SR 92) and Skyline Boulevard (SR 35).



   October, 2016 by cre8tvmnd

I ran here for the first time starting at the Sawyer Camp Trail entrance and absolutely loved it! I got there around 8:30am, which was perfect because parking gets crazy! The trail is scenic throughout and covers you from the sun from the most part. I more

Closed for Bridge Construction

   July, 2016 by lmartacho

I was really looking forward to this ride today. I tried the Northern part, but all trail access points were closed for bridge construction. I will try it again after the construction. read more

Amazing View

   June, 2015 by kingsleyq

Really enjoyed this bike ride. If you're looking for something extremely flat and scenic and paved this is the trail for you. Make sure to bring plenty of water and some snacks with you. What's nice is there are bathrooms on the trail¿ read more