Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail

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The Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail (DRHT) is currently a private-use trail only, which means a permit is required to use it. Friends of the DRHT are working to create public access to the trail, which traverses scenic forested landscape abounding with wildlife in Virginia's Northern Neck.

The rail-trail follows the route of the old Dahlgren Branch Line from Dahlgren Naval Surface Warfare Center west toward Fredericksburg. Currently, horses are no allowed on the trail but Friends of the DRHT hope to secure permission one day.

For more information, contact Friends of the DRHT.

Parking and Trail Access

For parking and access information, visit the Friends of the DRHT map page, and click on the links to each of the three trail sections.


Not a hybrid trail.

   October, 2014 by randallini

this is a very beautiful trail and worth the effort. the only hiccup that I can see is that a lot of the trail is large river stone and very difficult with hybrid tires. my partner wore out a tire. it made the whole trip but went flat the next day and ...read more

Dahlgren Railroad Trail

   May, 2011 by jenn.core

I ran this for a half marathon it was flat, well maintained and beautiful - the best half marathon for your knees! read more