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The Discovery Trail is one of the most scenic in the Pacific Northwest with outstanding views of the ocean, grassy dunes and forest groves. As it's named for Lewis and Clark’s explorative trek here more than 200 years ago, you'll find several bronze sculptures along the path that commemorate the expedition. But the trail offers a collection of other impressive public art as well that adds to the trail's natural beauty. You may also be lucky enough to see deer, bald eagles, shorebirds and other wildlife on your journey.

From the trail's northern terminus in Long Beach, you'll travel south along the coast, at one point paralleling the city's extensive wooden boardwalk from Bolstad Street to Sid Snyder Drive. Continue along through the quaint town of Seaview; when the trail approaches N. Head Road, it forks. Head northeast at the fork and the trail becomes forested, soon turning almost due east and ending at the historical fishing village of Ilwaco.

Head south at the fork to enter Cape Disappointment and enjoy the state park’s beaches, hiking trails and two lighthouses (both more than 100 years old). The ocean overlook at Beard's Hollow is especially worth a look. You can also learn about the history of the area at the park's Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.

Parking and Trail Access

From Pacific Highway/State Route 103 in Long Beach, turn west onto 10th Street S./Sid Snyder Drive and continue 0.2 miles to the beach parking lot. You can also find a large beach parking lot at the end of Bolstad Street. In Cape Disappointment State Park, you can park at the lot at Beard's Hollow.


Biking with Young Kids

   July, 2015 by suzannesanchez79

We had a great time on this trail. My husband and I camped at a nearby campground for the weekend with our 2.5 and 4 year old. My four year old had a bike trailer (the tandem kind) connected to mine, and she loved it. It was her first time using it, and more

Best beach area ride

   May, 2015 by stusez

Been several times. Weather can be unpredictable. Wonderful ride. Beach grass, sand, trees, art, cliffs, bathrooms and ice cream at the north end. What's not to like? For full and accurate review, read Trail Bear. read more

Surf, grasses, coastal trees, and Bald Eagles

   April, 2015 by da.farin1

200 yards from our Thousad Trails campsite the trail takes us North through undulating sand with flowing grass hair. The path curls into the sand pines then faces toward the breaking surf. Many places to go down to the Pacific Ocean. Northward the path, more